Nas 'Illmatic' 25th Anniversary Mixtape - Mixed by Chris Read

This type of mix has been done many times before; and Illmatic is celebrated to a degree where it's almost made me stop liking the album.  That being the case, I listened anyway and thoroughly enjoyed the 40 minute mix.  A testament to the fact that great music, seamless mixing, and a skilled deejay can never be played-out.

Witch in the Kitchen - Episode 1 (Your Old Droog + Edan)

Turntables in a kitchen always equals an automatic post. Turntables in a kitchen with top-shelf rhymes equals a Highly Recommended post.

Serato: DJ Royale In the Mix

I've never heard of DJ Royale prior to watching this video, but this set made me a fan. Outstanding set (particular notable for its combination of skills blending a "mature" track selection).  Highly Recommended.