Goes Back to School (4th Year: 1989) - Mixed by DJ DS


A technically exquisite mix by DJ DS. IMO, the equipment trouble that DS experienced to delay the making of this mix added to how good it is. Listen to this mix, and you'll hear how much time DS took to think about it prior to actually doing it.

It's been a while due to a broken needle but, as put by MC Lyte, this time I'm doing my thing with an '89 swing! That's right, it's time to go Back to School and to my 4th year, 1989!

As ever, narrowing this down was so tricky & this is the longest track list yet. With more time to plan it (due to the turntable trouble) there are more samples and I've hired my youngest daughter as my art director!!

By now, you know what to expect, plenty of doubles, blends and all that good stuff. I also love trying to link the tracks in other ways, through some word play, etc.

Thanks to everyone that recorded a drop for me, including both of my daughters, DJ Jimmy Green, DJ Repo & the legendary Percee P! Thanks guys!

RIP MF DOOM & Stezo who both feature on the mix.

Hope you enjoy!

On a way more important note:

Please see below how you can support Hip Hop legend Del SoulCondor who's currently battling cancer.

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Los Angeles Mix 2021 - Mixed by ABCNTMNDED


 This is a mix that falls into the illustrious category of "a mix I wish I had made." Most "L.A." mixes are basically Dr. Dre's greatest hits. From time to time, you'll hear an L.A. mix that digs a little deeper into the G-Funk catalog. This mix is what I consider to be a "real" Los Angeles mix because it focuses on aspects of the L.A. music catalog that are often criminally overlooked. Highly Recommended.

Joints & Jams w/ Beat Pete - January 2021


Fair to compare Beat Pete's work ethic with Knx? 

Beat Pete was live with Joints & Jams - two hours of jazz-tinged hip hop and fusion from the likes of Pink Siifu, Roy Ayers, Don Harper, and more.

Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 153 - DJ Ian Head


Back with a few more upbeat but smooth covers and selections this week! Thought folks would enjoy a few drum breaks, keyboards and smooth basslines. Much appreciation to everyone tuning in! Tracklist: Scott Grooves, Bobby Paunetto, Herbie Hancock, Alex Santos Orchestra, Joe Baer Magnant and the Ready, Soullive, The City

KUTMAH - Delhi to Berlin - beats & bops (12/31/20)



Just a masterclass in mixing provided by Kutmah. Saying that Kutmah seamlessly blends across genres doesn't do justice to the psychedelic vibe that is created throughout the mix. Highly Recommended.