Drugs - Mixed by Soulman

Here's one of the more heralded mixes from the legendary collector, Soulman.

One of the countless mixtapes by Soulman b/k/a Phil Stroman, vinyldealer to all the big name hiphop producers in the '00s. He flips through all the juicy bits of his massive record collection unearthing some known and unknown sample sources, this one has an eerie mysterious vibe to it.

DJ Sheep's Top 10 Break Mixes

All of you are going to eat up this Egotrip article as much as I did.  Essential reading for any Pipomixes follower.  Read HERE

Reading Material: Is it Time to Ditch Soundcloud?

I stumbled upon this article over at DJWorx about the future direction of Soundcloud.  In addition to the actual article, I highly recommend that everybody read the comments (which are as informative as the article, if not more so).  The article can be read HERE.  My personal thoughts on the subject can be found after the jump.

- The article seems to suggest that soundcloud's proposed monetization idea will assure deejays that their mixes will not be taken down for copyright infringement in exchange for allowing ads to appear before their mixes play.  I'm perfectly fine with that trade-off IF that becomes the case.  In fact, I'm even okay with paying (unlike most of the commentators on the article) for the ability to have ads placed before my mixes in order to be assured my mixes don't get taken down.

- I understand and agree with everybody's general gripe about the situation, but the reality is that there are no equivalent options to Soundcloud at the moment.  Mixcrate and Mixcloud are not legit options because their networks aren't nearly as big as Soundcloud's.  Users don't pay Soundcloud for the ability to upload mixes/tracks (contrary to popular opinion), you pay for the ability to tap into the Soundcloud network of users and have your music heard.  That's the service that Soundcloud truly provides.  In the event that any of their competitors were to become as big as Soundcloud, they would likely face the same issues that Soundcloud is currently facing.

- Yes, this is another example of deejaying/sampling not being respected as a legitimate art form.  Yes, this is complete bullsh%t.  However, this is the reality of our world.  Whoever controls content is king.  Just look at the business section of the newspaper and see the potential media mergers on the horizon. Wallstreet clearly understands "Content is King."  Instead of complaining and protesting a reality that likely none of us can change, I find it more productive to participate in a "reasonable comprise."  The problem is that I'm still not 100% sure Soundcloud is proposing a reasonable compromise.  Ads in exchange for my mixes not being taken down = I'm good.  Ads + having to pay for Soundcloud + some b/s promise of revenue sharing + my mixes still get taken down = Back to square one.

- In the end, I'm not trying to change the world.  I just want my mixes to be heard.  So far, Soundcloud has been the most effective platform for me as I pursue that goal.  I hope it stays that way.

- In a related, unrelated note, the new Soundcloud app for iphones completely sucks!!

Exclusive ADE14 Mix - Mixed by DJ Kon

Here's an exclusive mix I've prepared ahead of my performance at this year’s ADE, full details below.
MN2S present Jazzy Jeff & Friends at Sugarfactory on Friday 17th October.

Line up: Jazzy Jeff, Soul Clap DJ W!ild (disco set) Kon

This event is FREE to ADE delegates or tickets via Paylogic. here

Track list
Ike/ Garagen
Blondie/ Rapture The Reflex rework
Francis Inferno Orchestra / Silk & Smoove
Gil Tweek/
Imagination/ Flashbacks * Kon remix
Ron Basejam/ Someday
Tata Vega/ Get it up for Love *John Morales remix
Chaka Kon/ Im every woman * Kon remix
Kyodai/ So special
Greymatter/ Cream
Skwerl/ All woman * K2 deepah 1 dub
Willie Bobo/ Gotta hustle on

DVTV Live - J. Rocc and Frank Nitt

Somehow this mix slipped below my radar. Originally recorded in February, the first 35 minutes or so (what you all want to hear) has J. Rocc primarily mixing an all Dilla set. Most of you will likely be familiar with many of J. Rocc's song selections and transitions, but there are some subtle changes to older sets that certainly make this mix worth listening to. Enjoy.