Trickin' & Beatin' on $alamander Street - Mixed by DJ Sheep

The newly crowned king of this whole internet mixtape game comes through with a Halloween themed mix. Speaking of Halloween, this Halloween I'm vowing to creep-up on them little teeny bops who jacked my candy bowl last year. Hey, if these little teeny bops quit while they're ahead; game will have to respect game. However, if they get greedy and come back for another "unattended" bowl of candy; a hoodie'd out, Jason mask wearing, Bushwick Bill headphone listening Pipomixes will be there to greet them. Take my candy, cool. Take my bowl and I'm coming for that ass.

HAPPY HELLOWEEN from $ALAMANDER $TREET: Here's a extended mix to celebrate that time of the year where it's nothin' but horror, gore, pympin', murderin', lootin', jackin' and slangin' goin' down on $alamander. Dedicated to one of the originators of Horrorcore, Bushwick Bill and his sidekick Chuckwick.
Ganksta N-I-P - Psycho
DMG - Prelude to a Murdah
The Terrorists - Dead Bodies
Bushwick Bill - Chuckwick
Gravediggaz - Freak the Sorceress
Geto Boys - Mind of a Lunatic
The Cenobites - Rhymes I Sniff a/k/a Carlos Died
Jakprogresso - 40 Chops
K-Rino - Overdose
Flatlinerz - Graveyard Nightmare
Warcloud - Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard
Cas - All Hallow's Eve
Seagram - Wages of Sin
O.C.U. - Blood On My Hands
Paris - On The Prowl
Geto Boys - Cereal Killer
Bushwick Bill - Skitso
Insane Poetry - Manic Depressive
Brotha Lynch Hung - Welcome 2 Your Own Death
Kool G Rap - Train Robbery
Ganksta N-I-P - Horror Movie Rap
Gregory G - Nightmare on Slanga Street
Geto Boys - Chuck
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Boiler Room London (10/21/14): Lefto

Lefto is easily becoming one of my top 3 favorite deejays.  His track selection is impeccable and his ability to mix across genres (often with very unfriendly deejay tunes) is remarkably seamless.  Though I'm a fan of his radio show, his radio show will often go a little too deep into house music for my taste.  However, he typically nails these Boiler Room sets.  Highly Recommended.  Audio can be downloaded HERE.

Time is Illmatic Mix - Mixed by Pete Rock

Not the most impressive mix you'll hear. However, some people just can't get enough Illmatic in their lives, so this post is for all of you. A far more impressive Illmatic mix can be found HERE.  I do recommend you all see the film Time is Illmatic.  The film is very well done.  Be warned though, the film is far more biographical about Nas than it is a "making of" Illmatic.  If you're more interested in the background of how Illmatic was made, I recommend watching this and this.

Passion of the Weiss Mix Volume XII: "The World Has Just Begun" - Mixed by Captain Supernova

Absolutely sublime mix.
"Old funk and some OSTs in between tracks. Its starts out downtempo and then increases into some more spacey disco jams. I was trying to make a mix that would be the soundtrack to the creation of Earth." - Captain Supernova
David Axelrod - 1000 rads
Vladimir Cosma - Profil Grec 1
Crown Heights Affair - The Love I Found this Time
The Flasher OST - The Flight
Dorothy Ashby - Windmills of your mind
David Axelrod - Ken Russell
Frank Gartner - Laser
Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain
Jon Lucien - Would you Believe in me Glenn Davis Edit
Donald Byrd - Think Twice
Hubert Laws - Undecided
Driver OST - Driving
Leo Hassler - Grotesque
Manzel- Space Funk
Lalo Schrifen - No one is home
Herbie Hancock - Ready or Not
Flashlight - Beginner's Luck
Tomita - Aranjuez

Beat Making with Confidence

Props to Hector Valle for the find.
It's been two years since you last hear, now I reappear your heart pumps fear. No it's not Craig Mack, it's Confidence coming off a good hiatus to bring you another beat making video. This time Confidence has a specific message in mind. As he discusses in the video, don't be afraid to go after something that's already been sampled. As long as you're not looping the same part, get creative and take pieces of sounds that you're given to make a really strong foundation. The original producer must have had a good ear to pick out the same song that gravitated you to it, so dig deeper and find sounds that weren't used and get to work! Also pay attention as Confidence discusses his theory as to why DJ Premier started chopping samples to begin with.

If you like what you see and hear in the video, join Confidence on 11/1/14 as he launches the fifth session of "School of Confidence" an online virtual beat school where he interacts and teaches students all over the world. Visit and register today.

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