Stoney B & Rakim - Mixed by Pipomixes *Sticky*

In celebration of what would have been DJ Screw's 46th birthday, and the reunion of Eric B and Rakim; Stoney made me drop this mix. Rakim stoned-up, blended with all sorts of funky, slow beats. Enjoy.

Micro-Chop Discusses 'Nowalataz' with 14KT

Micro-Chop is doing its best to document the classic moments in beat-head history.  The latest article dives deep into 14KT's Nowalataz.  You can read the article HERE.

Classic Material: 'The Breaks of 89'

A continuation of sorts from the Diary and Classic Material mix series, 'The Breaks of ...' revisits the chronological theme of those mixes, this time reconstructing classic hip hop from the year in question utilising only the original sample material. This is the third mix in the series, this time rebuilding popular Hip Hop cuts from 1989 by the likes of 3rd Bass, Biz Markie, EPMD and De La Soul from their Funk, Soul, Rock & Jazz constituent sample sources. Artwork by John Brotherhood in tribute to the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series, the original sampled breaks collection. I hope you enjoy!
Download via Bandcamp here: https://chrisreadsubstance.bandcamp.c...
Full track list / sample credits here:

Rap Dads

I'm confident many of you will enjoy this SITE.
Rap Dads is an ongoing film photo series and hand written account by yours truly in conjunction with dads who rap, produce, and work in the hip hop industry.
Over the past year I've traveled to the homes of individuals in the hip hop world and photographed them with their children on film, had the children draw pictures of their father with crayons, and asked both the fathers and their children to fill out questionnaires about music, their lives, and fatherhood.
These unedited, raw snapshots and hand written accounts provide an intimate look into the side of rappers, producers, and executives' lives we rarely get to see.
Some rappers leave the stage and head to CVS to buy diapers. Some producers spend their royalties on baby formula. Some managers Facetime with their children before rap shows.
To take a page out of Frank Ocean's lyric book, these individuals have three lives balanced on their heads like steak knives- their life as a father, as an individual, and as an artist.
I intend to continue this project indefinitely. If you or someone you know is a Rap Dad who would like to participate, hit the contact button on this site!

Diggers Dozen #1: The Ethnic Crate - Mixed by DJ Sheep

I told you sheep mixes come in bunches.  Highly Recommended.
Diggers Dozen #1: The Ethnic Crate
RECORDED LIVE: Sunday 16th March, 2014
Here's a new trilogy of mixes from the "Diggers Dozen" event that I put on in Brisbane, Australia back in 2014. Each of these themed mixes each feature 12 top-tier records hand picked from the Bulletproof Crates played out live on 2 turntables, mixer and a Kaossilator.
This first mix is the "Ethnic Crate" featuring some off the wall digs dug up in dusty record stores, flea markets & junk shops in the depths of Israel, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Belgium, Australia and of course, the US. Expect some heavy drum breaks with some exotic rock, psych & jazz sounds in the mix.
The next mix in the trilogy will drop week and continue this theme with 12 x 7" 45s.