Stoney Elam - Mixed by Pipomixes *Sticky*

I released Soliloquy of Gang Starr just before Guru died. Soliloquy of Gang Starr is a mix that focused on Premo's production far more so than Guru's lyrics. Gang Starr is my favorite all-time group and Guru is an MC who's lyrics have personally impacted me the most. For those reasons, I always wanted to do a Guru tribute. However, I couldn't figure out a way to do it without it sounding too similar to the Soliloquy of Gang Starr mix I already released.

Well... Listening to a lot of Delroy Edwards got me to revisit my Screwtape collection. That got me here. This is the kind of mix you make when you listen to a lot of Delroy Edwards, DJ Screw, Quasimoto, Gang Starr, and other stoney compositions; accompanied by many blunts.

J.PERIOD Presents... OutKast: ReFixed (Recorded Live)

In honor of the 23rd Anniversary of SouthernPlayalistic..., J.PERIOD & Vibe Magazine pay tribute to Outkast with OutKast: ReFixed, a live DJ mix featuring classic Outkast and newly-minted J.PERIOD remixes. Recorded live at Art Of Storytellin' Brooklyn, OutKast: ReFixed is a clear reminder of why this duo will forever remain one of hip hop's greatest groups. Re-imagining "B.O.B." over "Panda," "Art of Storytellin" over "Children's Story," "Skew It on the BBQ" over "Truffle Butter" and more, J.PERIOD amplifies classic Dre and Big Boi verses in new musical contexts, illuminating their lyrical brilliance in a whole new way. Cement their status: Outkast are legends.
Artwork: | Recorded Live in Brooklyn, NY, March 25, 2017

52 Beats - Mixed by Kid Capri

With his appearances throughout Damn. putting himself back into the public consciousness; I thought I'd remind you all why he's the true Mixtape King.  Everything about this mix is Highly Recommended: track selection, being able to hear how worn-out the records are from hours of practicing his backspins and scratches, the low-fi fidelity of the mix being originally recorded to tape, and on and on...