Break It Down Vol. 1 - Mixed by DJ Jimmy Green and Ben Marr

4 TT action almost always equals an automatic post.

Jimmy Green and DJ Ben Marr aka Infamous Alliance present Break It Down!
We've been doing the Break It Down nights for two years now, and this is a condensed version of some of the music we've played on those nights. DJ Shadow, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Dilla, De La Soul, Golden Era Hip Hop, Classic Breaks and Beats, Public Enemy, and DJ Premier / Gang Starr.
We use four decks, some tracks are played all the way through, some tracks are cut up and messed with, but we play the original samples and the tracks that sampled them. Biggup The Smokehouse in Ipswich UK for hosting us.
More nights coming soon!

Jansport J at La Piscine #13 (Live Beat Set)

In addition to currently being one of my favorite beatmakers, Jansport J is damn nice on them CDJs.  I think the below tweet by Jansport J pretty much sums up my relationship with all of you, and your relationship with me.  Highly Recommended.

Nas 'Illmatic' 25th Anniversary Mixtape - Mixed by Chris Read

This type of mix has been done many times before; and Illmatic is celebrated to a degree where it's almost made me stop liking the album.  That being the case, I listened anyway and thoroughly enjoyed the 40 minute mix.  A testament to the fact that great music, seamless mixing, and a skilled deejay can never be played-out.

Witch in the Kitchen - Episode 1 (Your Old Droog + Edan)

Turntables in a kitchen always equals an automatic post. Turntables in a kitchen with top-shelf rhymes equals a Highly Recommended post.