February 10th, 2006 (A Donuts Retrospective) *Sticky*

Excerpt: There it was.  Right there on the display shelf with all the other new releases of note: J. Dilla's soon to be legendary Donuts album.  I'd like to say I grabbed the album without hesitation.  In fact, what I'd really like to say is that I copped the album three days earlier (on its actual release date).  The fact of the matter (as I've written several times on this blog) is that my relationship with Dilla (who I originally knew as Jay Dee) was always complicated.  I loved Dilla's production on Slum Village's first two albums (hell, I still have my test pressing of Fall in Love that I bought at SV's Fantastic Vol. 2 release party).  However, I also associated Dilla as being the producer behind ATCQ's worst two albums and Common's transformation from "hungry" MC to "flower-power" MC.

Intoxicated Breaks - Mixed by DeathHop

Disgustingly good mix brought to you by one of the blog's top mixers of 2015.  Highly Recommended.

50 Breaks in 60 minutes. Folk, Funk, Psych and Soul Breaks from all over the world.

This One is for Dilla - Mixed by DJ Shortkut

Shortkut gets busy here with all Dilla cuts.


This was a part of MYX channel's promo CD with the Triple Threat DJs in 2006.

-Apollo covered Dr. Dre-Vinroc covered Kanye West...and I did this tribute mini-mix of some of my favorite J Dilla joints.



Love & Feeling (Jazz Edition) - Mixed by DJ Chiskee

This mix was playing on loop at Casa Mixes this past weekend.  Highly Recommended for all current and aspiring Jazz Heads.

big up Pipo
THis is my ultimate mix. is a serie of mix.
this a Jazz Edition.
Gil scott Heron, Doug Carn Coltrane, and some of most important jaz zspiritual classic.
All vinyl !!

Dillatronic Megamix - Mixed by J. Rocc

J. Rocc originally aired this mix on his Adventures in Stereo radio show, but was unable to upload the mix to soundcloud (because his account was taken down) or mixcloud (because of their policy about playing too many songs of the same artist). Here you go. Highly Recommended.