Smif N Wessun - Dah Shinin 25 (Short Version) - Mixed by DJ Filthy Rich

Celebrating 25 years of Smif N Wessun's LP 'Dah Shinin'. Black Moon & Da Beatminerz laid the blueprint for the early 90's gritty BK sound, and Tek & Steele ran with it crafting this undeniable CLASSIC. Mr Rippa & Vicksta's patois-infused rhymes over hard drums & dark samples made this the soundtrack for winter of 95 & beyond. Not one skippable track. I always loved the way they effortlessly flowed back & forth, finishing each other's sentences. No one has ever done it better than the PNC's from Bucktown. Ya betta wreckonize!!
To make things interesting, I've mixed in:
- OG samples
- Freestyles
- Unreleased tracks + alternate versions
- Blends
- Remixes
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AbcntMnded Radio 06 - Mixed by AbcntMnded

AbcntMnded's ability to take the rawest of raps and mix them so smoothly is one of the great wonders of the world. Highly Recommended.

Soul Therapy Mixes By House Shoes and C-Minus

Two outstanding soul/funk mixes from the monthly Soul Therapy party. House Shoes' mix is above, and C-Minus' mix is below.