Mind Fusion: African Earwax - Madlib

In case you didn't see it elsewhere.

Mind Fusion began as a five-volume mixtape series, released 2004-2007. These mixtape CD releases bare no label or address, just the name “Madlib” designed like the Tamla Records logo. Vol 1 and Vol 4 contain production from Madlib. Vol 2 is a jazz mix. Vol 3 and Volume 5 are mixes of records from around the world. Liner notes in each volume, from authors such as Thurston Moore, Vaclav Havel, LeRoi Jones, and Lungston Hughes, range from essays on jazz, a Los Angeles guides, poems, tips on making bombs at home.

Kenny Dope Special 7" PLX-1000 Set

Excellent video of Kenny Dope mixing an array of 7" records using Pioneer's PLX-1000 turntables. If you read the comments on the youtube page, you can see Kenny Dope get a little defensive when someone pointed out that he was mixing in the red.