Psych Out Mix - Mixed by DJ Format

I've never heard music described as, "slow stoner-psych;" but I'm confident it's right up my alley.

DJ Format has put together a 60 minute mix of funky psychedelic records to give us a taste of what to expect from his forthcomung BBE compilation album. 'Psych Out'. The mix varies from slow stoner-psych to fast & furious B-Boy breaks and features tracks from Brazil, Yugoslavia, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Africa, India, Switzerland, Greece, Jamaica, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Uruguay, UK and USA.
DJ Format's Psych Out is released June 10th on Vinyl, CD and digital.

Pullin from the Stacks (Ep. 40) - DJ Ian Head

Always a great source of musical inspiration.
Back after a short hiatus with some fusion and eclectic jazz selections to close out the spring. Thanks again for listening.
Tracklisting: Mark Levine, Tania Maria, James Moody, Dollar Brand, Kawaida-Toudie Heath, Compost, Polyrhythm, Howard Riley Trio.

DJ Nu-Mark’s Set for the MikiDz Show

With or without a toy set (which is cool to watch for the first time, but...), Nu-Mark is sick with it.

DJ Premier Making A Beat In Studio

Footage of Premo making a beat in studio.  You can see the difference between Premo's 94-95 production (Hard to Earn, Group Home, Jeru's first two albums) and most of his production since Moment of Truth.  Mid-90s Premo would have left that original drum break (that you hear at the very beginning of the video) alone.  The Premo of the Hard to Earn era would have left that drum break naked, and only added a few sample chops for the melody.  As you can hear, Premo's more recent production style adds all sorts of "bells and whistles" to the original drum break, causing it to sound overly formulaic (IMO).