Taster's Choice 1.3 - Mixed by J. Rocc

A live version of J. Rocc's Taster Choice series.  Shout-out to all the readers who were on the blog back when there was that 15 minute J. Rocc v. Pipomixes feud.  Shout-out to J. Rocc who is the undisputed favorite deejay of the blog (and known fan of the blog as well ;)).  Enjoy.


Recommended Reading Material

I'm always a little skeptical with all of these posthumous releases of anything Dilla. I think Donuts has been re-released in some shape or form at least three times since 2006. For that reason, I wasn't really paying too much attention to the fact that Dilla's Donuts got the 33 1/3 classic album book treatment. At least, not until I read this excerpt posted on Stonesthrow's website.  I just finished ordering the book and I suspect many of you may do the same.  If this kind of read interests you, I highly recommend you buy Brian Coleman's Check the Technique book as well.  Coleman's liner notes on many of our favorite classic hip hop albums is an absolute must read for any hip hop nerd.

Illmatic at 20: 3 Part Series by Fuse

Yes, all the Illmatic commemoration is slightly annoying; but there are far worse things that could be getting all this attention. Parts 2 and 3 after the jump.

Trapped - Mixed by AbcntMnded

This is an incredibly refreshing mix. It's hard to describe what is so enjoyable about this mix because on the surface; it would appear to be nothing more than a mix of dope, lesser played hip hop cuts (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). However, the mix is much more than that. Though 90's influenced, most of the cuts are from newer releases that could be mistakenly pegged as 90's music if heard by the untrained ear. The mixing style is also unique in of itself. Quality blends seamlessly transitioning different verses from different tracks halfway through a verse instead of at the predictable chorus/bridge section of a song. Mixes like this should be commended. Simple, but different. Highly Recommended.

Spring (Mixtape) - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

My man Ian Head concludes his season inspired mixtape series with this crate diggin', vinyl crackling gem. Perfect to just cool out to (which is what I'm doing right now as I try to get over the depression of it being back to work Monday in just a few short hours).

A warm sun finally came out this weekend in NYC and the time felt right to drop the Spring mixtape. After the non-stop barrage of cold weather these past few months, I tried to keep things upbeat and bright, a gathering of mostly-instrumental vinyl selections I've picked up recently and not-so-recently. I hope you play it with the breeze blowing in through the apartment windows you've finally cracked open.

This is the last piece of my four-part "seasonal" mixtape series, and once again I am blessed to have an incredible photographer donate some of her work for the cover. Everyone should check out the beautiful photography of Hong-An Tran at www.hongantran.com/ and ruinista.com/. Seriously good.

Again no tracklisting on this one. For those curious about the records used, there's a few clues on my Instagram.