A Stable Sound Episode: A Slow Burn Psychedelic Summer - Mixed by Cut Chemist

Candidate for mix of the year.  Highly Recommended.

THis heatwave is too hot to handle so we have a slow burning psychedelic mix featuring moments of my Tipper and Friends Solar Eclipse set from 2017. We also talk a little bit about my new album Die Cut

Breaks for Days 2 - Mixed by DJ Paul Nice

I take no pleasure in posting this mix.  However, I've heard from several sources that Paul Nice scammed many fans/customers out of their money by never delivering on his advertised $300 personalized mixes.  Don't believe me?  Read Phil the Most Chill's (aka Soulman) own words HERE. Mix will come down if customers are refunded their money.  BTW The mix is excellent.

5 Mixes that Influenced J. Rocc's Steez

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