Gravediggaz Vs Organized Konfusion - 6 Feet Deep: The Extinction Agenda [SHORT VERSION] - DJ Filthy Rich

All I have to say is WOW! Highly Recommended.

Gravediggaz X Organized Konfusion - 6 Feet Deep: The Extinction Agenda
25 Years ago, the Gravediggaz ushered in the hip hop sub-genre known as 'Horrorcore' (coined by journalist Havelock Nelson) with their groundbreaking debut album '6 Feet Deep'. Concurrently, Organized Konfusion dropped a certified classic with their sophomore LP 'Stress: The Extinction Agenda', featuring complex rhymes over A-level production.
To mark the 25th anniversaries of both of these landmark albums, I blended them together.
Hear these classics combined in a totally new way....
My dude Tooncrew remixed the original OK cover art by the legendary Matt Reid (RIP) aka Matt Doo of Dooable Arts
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Fat Beats 25th Anniversary - " DJ NUMARK Full Set " (Official)

Hip Hop and Breaks Mix (All Vinyl) - DJ MK

One of the best!

This is a all vinyl mix of classic Hip hop and breaks. Some you will know, some you won't. This mix was originally recorded for Disorda's Suspect Packages back in 2003. No serato, all vinyl! Leave a comment & ENJOY

Shroomie [Live DJ Set] - Opening set for J Rocc & Lefto

J. Rocc and Lefto deejay'd on the 2x4s at an after hours here in L.A. last month.  Here's Shroomie's Highly Recommended opening set.  You'll have to crank up the volume, but the mix will make it very worthwhile.

Shroomie warmed up that crowd tonight with a mellow set.
Here's a little bit of jazz/ambient/dilla/house to help the people get in the right headspace for the night.