There’s Rules to This Shit: On MF DOOM’s Early Singles, 20 Years Later

Nice little write-up on the enigma that is MF Doom which can be read HERE.

And so it has come to pass that in the wake of a slew of discontinued projects and unfulfilled collaborations, more iterations of t-shirts, sneakers, and artisanal socks emblazoned with the MF DOOM mask have been produced over the last few years than actual music. In a complete inversion of the original intention behind the heavy headgear, the silhouette of DOOM’s mask has become its own sort of brand—a transformation made even more unsavory as year after year it seems less likely that DOOM will resurface as an active rapper instead of remaining a recycled product.

CrayonBeats Presents: Issa Throwback

Series of early 80s themed mega-mixes including one by blog favorite, DJ ADA.
Yes, Yes, Y'ALL! And we're back! CrayonBeats Presents: "Issa Throwback" is the 9TH volume in our compilation mix series. What's special about this mixtape, is that it's also the FIRST in our new Magazine x Mixtape combinations (, for issue 8). That means that with each of our compilations from here on out, there will be a corresponding, inclusive magazine issue released where you can get to know the artists featured via special interviews. This album/issue is themed after the 1980s (with a little bit of 90s/00s sprinkled here and there)!

We put out an open-call on Instagram for music makers of all kinds to create a brand new track inspired by a song that was released during the year they were born, and the result is what you have here: 14 super dope, unique and talented artists coming together, for 9 songs) to make this "throwback" compilation one of our favorites to date. We hope you feel the same way!

Track Info:
01) Shortrock - "1981, What A Year"
1981: Inspired by 1981 turntablism

02) QM - "The Zip Code" (prod. by Grip Grand)
1981: Inspired by The Funky 4+1 "That's The Joint"

03) Corina Corina - "Nobody Wins" (prod. by Willie Green)
1981: Inspired by Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight"

04) LXL - "The Kitchen"
1981: Inspired by Jona Lewie "You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties"

05) ADA - "1984 Mastermix"
1984: Inspired by Double Dee & Steinski's "Lesson Two"

06) MC Bravado - "The L's (prod. by Brandon "BeaLack" Lackey)
1985: Inspired by Billy Ocean "Loverboy"

07) J.Quest - "SFC (What Does It Mean)" (prod. by Po'Safe)
1985: Inspired by Schoolly D "PSK (What Does It Mean)"

08) Elliott Niezel - "Late" (prod. by Elusive)
1986: Inspired by Ice T "6 'N The Morning" & Egyptian Lover "Dark Side of Egypt"

09) D.Cure - "It's A Demo"
1986: Inspired by Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo "It's A Demo"

released October 10, 2017

Sizzurp To The Dome - Sparkle Motion

My first time using Ableton and first attempt at a chopped and screwed mix. Some of my favorite hip hop and RNB tracks chopped and dropped down to 80 BPM for that extra lean. Best served with some of that purple drank.

Motor City Promo Mix - Mixed By J. Rocc

Shame on you if you didn't buy the album to own this mix.  Only posting it because it's already on Youtube.  Wouldn't be surprised if the mix gets taken down by day's end.  Listen while you can.

Radio Obskura (2010) - Mixed by Mobstar

This Highly Recommended mix found its way into my inbox yesterday.  All sorts of crunchy breaks.  Enjoy.