Discogs Mix 063 - Mixed by Count Bass D

The rapper with the most chords — Dwight Conroy Farrell is internationally known as rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Count Bass D. He has worked with Snoop Dogg, MF DOOM, STS9, Kool Keith, Victor Wooten, Prince Paul, and more. His extensive solo discography spans two decades and includes his breakthrough classic Dwight Spitz. He continues to gain much notoriety to this day for his vocal and production work on MF DOOM’s 2004 track, Potholderz. Many have heard Dwight’s moniker and work over the past two decades, but still don’t know exactly how to confine him to a particular musical category. The self-described “Fender Rhodes Scholar” has augmented his skills as a multi-instrumentalist by truly mastering the art of sampling as well as the art of intellect. He’s proven his ability to push the envelope both sonically and lyrically. His body of work arguably displays the widest range of any rapper to date.
What the Count drop into his exclusive Discogs mix? In the tradition of his Some Music mix series:
"Songs I love, mixed live; mistakes and all." -- Count Bass D

Diggers Dozen #3 (Library Crate) - Mixed by DJ Sheep

Third installment of DJ Sheep's Highly Recommended series of mixes of library records.
Diggers Dozen #3: The Library Crate
RECORDED LIVE: Sunday 3rd May, 2014
This is the final part of a trilogy of mixes from the "Diggers Dozen" event that I put on in Brisbane, Australia back in 2014. Each of these themed mixes each feature 12 top-tier records hand picked from the Bulletproof Crates played out live on 2 turntables, mixer and a Kaossilator.
This third mix is the 'Library Crate', featuring 12 personal favourites from the UK to Italy from the archives of Bruton, Chappell, Music De Wolfe, Conroy, Selected Sound, Themes, Carosello and more! Expect ultra heavy grimy dusty downtempo lush sleazy drama-style proto hip-hop drum-laden funk! Thanks for listening!

Pullin from the Stacks (Episode 71) - DJ Ian Head

More jazz, breaks and other goodies for September! Remember to subscribe on iTunes or another podcast provider. Tracklist: Vijay Iyer, Roy Ayers, Alphonse Mouzon, the Meters, Reuben Wilson, Charles Stewart, Ramsey Lewis

Camoflauge Monk - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions

A lot of knowledge dropped here.
BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the Camoflauge Monk #interview session! This Buffalo native has been providing the soundtrack for your favorite rappers over the past few years - like one Westside Gunn, one Conway, one Mach Hommy, one Tha God Fahim - need we say more? Monk hit us with stories about coming up with all of these gentlemen, how he got into the music game and why his family is a huge source of inspiration and the foundation for his career in music. We also rap about the unparalleled work ethic he and his circle possess, how’s he’s building up his brand and his approach with merch. We also get the goods on his upcoming 2018 LP with Mach Hommy and his soon to be released project with Mass Appeal, titled #ArtDealer - it’s dropping sooner than you think! You know there’s much more inside - so roll it up, pour it out, sit back and take in that #smithsonian #grade #twiceaweek // southernvangard.com // @southernvangard on #applepodcast #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud // #hiphop #rap#undergroundhiphop #DJ #mix #interview #podcasts #ATL #BUFFALO #WORLDWIDE
Recorded live Sept 3, 2017 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA
@southernvangard on #itunes #podcast #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloudtwitter/IG: @jondoeatl @southernvangard @cappuccinomeeks