Golden Age Soul 5 - Mixed by DJ MattNyce

Big Ups to MattNyce for putting this mix together, and for the way it was put together.  Highly Recommended.
Where'd all the soul in hip hop go? Right here. More random rap/ gangsta/ jazzy boom bap random rare joints all laid out for 56 min. of all vinyl pure underground dope joints from the 90s and the 2000's.
"I represent the underground world it's a unique scene"-Juice -'sincere'-2001.
1. intro-djmn
2. the_hemisphere-lioness-djmn
3. juice-sincerely-djmn
4. mr.complex-why_dont_cha-djmn
5. rufus_blaq-magic-djmn
6. c_rayz_walz-mood_swings-djmn
7. mr.magalon-powerful-djmn
8. gettoe_noize_productions-the_illest_things-djmn
9. hot_sauce-to_you-djmn
10. c-town-ghetto-djmn
11. 5_bros_wit_ugly_clothes-believe_in_the_five-djmn
12. dr.octagon-blue_flowers_(prince_paul_so_beautiful_remix)-djmn
13. prophetix-earthly_inheritance-djmn
14. swampheadz-southbound_strategies-djmn
15. tri_black-county_blues-djmn
16. tyree-wicked_verses-djmn
17. we_be_i-javellin_experiment-djmn
18. blind_craftsmen-altered_reality-djmn
19. strange_sanity-its_a_must-djmn
20. remedy-seen_it_all-djmn
21. da_outfit-fed_up-djmn
22. japhia_life-precious_memories-djmn
23. many_fazes-im_hip_(hip_hoppers)-djmn
24. ed._o.g.-dont_talk_about_it-djmn
25. ricci_ric-raw_&_pure-djmn
26. king_solomon-hunger_pains_(starvin_remix)-djmn
27. fresno_ft._the_last_emperor-tenement_building-djmn
28. cunninlynguists-lynguistics-djmn
29. dal_jones-dynasty-djmn
30. obscure_disorder-lyrically_exposed_part_two-djmn
31. killah_priest-when_will_we_learn-djmn
32. bmf-steel_contraption_(beef_wellington_remix)-djmn
33. insight_ft._mr.lif-universal-djmn
34. lords_of_the_underground-what_im_after-djmn
35. lone_catalysts-dynomite-djmn
36. l_swift-daydreamin-djmn
37. paw_dukes-amazing-djmn
38. sektion_31-sea_of_discontent-djmn
39. sef_the_x-cutioner-keeper_in_da_crib-djmn
40. redrum-blue_note-djmn
41. imperial_element-gotta_live-djmn
42. q-tip-things_u_do-djmn
43. madkap-the_proof_is_in_the_puddin-djmn
44. souls_of_mischief-make_your_mind_up_(rock_on_mix)-djmn
45. bedroom_wizard-the_bedroom_wizard_is_here-djmn
46. boostin_kev-smoke_you_on_the_mic_(remix_blend)-djmn

Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 103 (Herbie Hancock Tribute) - DJ Ian Head

Highly Recommended.

A tribute to the living legend Herbie Hancock! An adventure through some of the many styles in which Hancock created and ventured, from funk to solo piano, plus a couple snippets from interviews Hancock did recorded to vinyl.
The piano is my favorite instrument, and this is the first in a series of Pullin from the Stacks tributes to some of my favorite pianists.

Mithai - Mixed by Thes One

The hardest working man in westcoast hiphop gave away a wedding party mixtape - this is it