Ol' Stoney Bastard - Mixed by Pipomixes *Sticky*

Yesterday (November 13th)marked the 13th anniversary of ODB's death. Tomorrow (November 15th) would have been ODB's 49th birthday. Probably no rapper is more deserving of the Stoney treatment. ODB mixed over a bed of stoned-out joints coming from the likes of De la Soul, Ohbliv, Adrian Younge, Ras G, Madlib, L'Orange, Delroy Edwards, Sir Froderick, Dil Withers, and many more.

RBMA: Inside Hip Hop's Home Studios

Great RBMA interview of the photographer of Back to the Lab (and Behind the Beat), Raph Rashid.  I can't recommend buying the coffee table book of home studios highly enough.  Book can be bought HERE, and the interview can be read HERE.

Classic Posse Cut Mix - Mixed by DJ Revolution

Skimming the surface on some of the best songs that some of your favorite MC's collaborated on a.k.a "the posse" cuts! Had to cut some songs short for time. Check out Kurupt's crazy long Ill verse on "Smokin' blunts and Drankin' Tangueray"!