RBMA Video Game Mix - Mixed by J. Rocc

RBMA recently released this J. Rocc video game music mix to promote their Diggin in the Carts series.  For whatever reason, RBMA is not currently allowing the mix to be embedded.  You can click HERE to be linked to the Diggin in the Carts page and scroll down to find the J. Rocc mix.

Black Milk Beat Workshop

Black Milk is always a source of inspiration. Watch him here creating a beat with an MPC 2000 and SP-404. Part 2 after the jump. Part 3 nowhere to be found.

Reading Material: Lost Art of Cratedigging

"Veteran producers of hip-hop were scientists dissecting tracks, librarians of musical culture, mathematicians of the BPM, and above all music historians. But the dawn of the new millennium brought a cultural and technological shift. In 1999 Napster arrived, ushering in digital bootlegging and introducing beatmakers to the relative ease of pulling songs off of the Internet in the form of an MP3 file, dragging and dropping them into sampling computer software. The production technology became more sophisticated. Bedroom producers could now create entire songs from start to finish on a small laptop. Downloadable music meant not having to “digitize” music from old pieces of vinyl. In addition, the upswing of sample-light Southern hip-hop eclipsed the sample-heavy hip-hop of the East and West coasts. As younger producers entered the game, the ritual of cratedigging became archaic.
 The new beat-centric producer works differently in an industry that delivers digital music instantly rather than taking months to manufacture physical product. He churns out tracks that within minutes of their creation can leak on blogs and over social media. So hanging out for hours in the few remaining, dusty record stores doesn’t quite fit with the pace of the market and the attention span of the listener. While “digging” has reconfigured itself in a new ritual of scouring websites for MP3s and ripping music off of YouTube, even that process is still very time consuming. And with the points you have to give away on publishing, why sample at all?"

Read more HERE.

Drugs - Mixed by Soulman

Here's one of the more heralded mixes from the legendary collector, Soulman.

One of the countless mixtapes by Soulman b/k/a Phil Stroman, vinyldealer to all the big name hiphop producers in the '00s. He flips through all the juicy bits of his massive record collection unearthing some known and unknown sample sources, this one has an eerie mysterious vibe to it.