Stoney Finds God - Mixed by Pipomixes *Sticky*

In the spirit of what is a holy week for many, and an additional thank you for selling-out my initial cassette tape release; I'm letting this one out into the world (for a limited time). Stoney isn't a religious little stoner, but can't deny all the soulful gospel breaks out there. ALC/Budgie Beats/Ras G/Tuamie/Jake One all released classic beat tapes from all gospel source material. Then you've got cats like Nas/2pac/Mobb Deep/Biggie and others who aren't shy about rapping about God. Well, Stoney started diggin'; smoked a few blunts; and got busy on them turntables.
I’m not exactly sure who is solely responsible for the recent trend of Gospel-sourced music, but I first became aware of it through J. Rocc’s Adventures in Stereo program on KPFK, where he devoted an entire episode to Gospel themed music (late 2015). On this particular episode, J. Rocc had Budgie Beats as a guest. Through my introduction to Budgie Beats, I became aware of his collaboration with ALC on The Good Book (a beat tape with all Gospel sample sources). Both discs of the The Good Book (basically two separate albums; one by ALC and the other by Budgie) are absolutely classic. House Shoes’ SCM label has also released several gospel themed albums by Ras G, Tuamie, and Jake One.
The aforementioned albums don’t comprise the entire Stoney Finds God mix, but songs from those albums make up the bulk of the music used. Music from the likes of David Axelrod, 2pac, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, MC Hammer, ATCQ, and a few others will be heard on the mix. Volume 2 of The Good Book came out during the making of this mix, so no songs from that album will be heard on the mix. Perhaps there will be a second volume of the mix. Time will tell.

DJ Melo-D 7 O’Clock Menu Mix Episode 3 (80s Electro Set)

Welcome to my weekly mix series inspired by my former radio mixshow at KKBT 92.3 The Beat, Los Angeles (1995-2002). This series will feature live sets of various genres including all music new and classic alike, mixed Beat Junkie Style. Tune in right here each week for new episodes, and feel free to leave any requests, comments and suggestions, peace!
Episode 3 Track listing :
“Get Tough” (12” Mix) - CD III
“Set It Off” - Strafe
“Hip Hop Be Bop” - Man Parrish
“Funky Soul Makossa” (Free Beats) - Nairobi
“Jam On It” - Newcleus
“Boogie Down Bronx” (VM edit) - Man Parrish
“Din Daa Daa” - George Kranz
“I’m Ready” (Tony G. edit) - Kano
“The Beat Goes On” - Orbit
“Computer Power” (Melo-D edit) - Jamie Jupitor
“Tibetan Jam” (Melo-D edit) - Dave Storrs & Chris “The Glove” Taylor
“Reckless” (Melo-D edit) - Dave Storrs, Chris “The Glove” Taylor & Ice-T
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R.I.P. G.U.R.U.

Official Remastered Re-Release of Double Dee & Steinski's Lesson 1-3

Double Dee and Steinski recently uploaded remastered versions of their legendary megamixes Lessons 1-3.  Lesson 2 and 3 can be found after the jump.  Also, props again to blog favorite DJ ADA who's scratches were featured on Double Dee and Steinski's latest release.

The Illmatic Guru

Incredibly ill.  I doubt this mix was done with turntables, though I can't confirm it wasn't.  Even doper if it was.  Also, I'd like to give credit to the DJ responsible for this mix.  Do tell, if anybody knows.
This mix is dedicated to the date of 2 of the best MCs, #illmatic which dropped on 4/19 , and the transition of #keithelam aka #GuruOfGangstarr which happened on the same month and day. #realdjsmatter #bestoftheblends #mashups #blends #djlife #Nas @nas @djpremier #giftedunlimitedrhymesuniversal
1. Intro (Genesis)
2. So Wassup
3. Life's A Bitch
4. World Revolution
5. Halftime Appeal
6. Memories of the Streets
7. One Love 4 Skills
8. One Time Interlude
9. Rep
10. It Ain't Hard 2 Tell It's Incredible