DJ Jazzy Jeff Boiler Room x Budweiser Philadelphia DJ Set

Jeff certainly brought his A-game for his hometown.  You won't find a better 2-hour party/club set.

Kaytranada Mix - Mixed by DJ Act Like You Know

All Kaytranada mix. One of my favorite producers around right now. Hands down. No question. In no way is this mix exhaustive, it's just a collection of some of my favorites from his discography. Selections include remixes, random beats, and cuts from his debut album "99.9%". Taking you on a ride from the dope house to the dance floor. Colorful sounds.
1. My Dope House (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
2. All We Do (Feat. JMSN)
3. Club Bang
4. Holy Hole Inna Donut
5. Drive Me Crazy (Feat. Vic Mensa)
6. Interlude Beat
7. Hilarity Duff
8. Jupiter
9. Seeu Enni Way
10. Rumble In The Jungle (Kaytranada Remix)
11. Summer Sadness
12. Glowed Up (Feat. Anderson Paak)
13. Hot Jazzybelle (Sweet F'n Love Instrumental)
14. Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada Remix)
15. Oh My God (ATCQ Flip)
16. At All
17. You're The One (Feat. Syd)
18. Flippin On You
19. All Rite (Kaytraflip)
20. Lite Spots

Sound of the Funky Drummer - Mixed by Edan

R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield

Made this mix back in 2004... A rapp-heavy celebration of Clyde Stubblefield's Funky Drummer break and it's impact on the culture... Comprised mostly of late 80's ~ early 90's rapp classics and rarities that all utilize the J.B. // Stubblefield spark/source in one form or another... Featuring the likes of 45 King, Ultramagnetic MC's, Divine Force, Kool G. Rap & Polo, Public Enemy, Lord Finesse, and so forth... All Hail The Godfather Of Soul and R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield... Much love... Rest well...

DJ Cash Money vs. The Records from the 60's

Highly Recommended.

When the records from the 60's meet the turntable skills of DJ Cash Money...."You Better Cool It Baby"..
(Filmed using #GoPro) Thank You #GoProMusic