Renegades of Rhythm Live in Oakland

Highly Recommended viewing.

Utilizing vinyl borrowed exclusively from Afrika Bambaataa's historic and genre-defining record collection, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's acclaimed Renegades Of Rhythm set touches down in Oakland, California in this professionally-documented film experience. You're there in the audience as the two DJ's unravel the evolution of Hip-Hop music and culture, using the same artifacts that helped create it. "Not just any records- the MASTER OF RECORDS' records."

Bloomberg: Can Soundcloud Become the Facebook of Music?

Insightful Bloomberg article (original published on July 10, 2015) that provides some context behind many of the recent, and less than popular moves made by Soundcloud.  Bottom line, I think Soundcloud is trying to do the right thing and trying to establish a legitimate, legal, and safe platform for deejays and producers to upload their content.  However, most of the big record companies don't share their vision and are simply not buying what Soundcloud is selling (yet).  Warts and all, I hope Soundcloud succeeds because there simply are no other options (and likely it will stay that way if Soundcloud fails).  You can read the article HERE.  Passages of note below.

...And yet, SoundCloud’s potential is fascinating, and perhaps unique. The founders have ambitious goals that respond to changes in the way music and sound are created and consumed. It’s a beautiful dream. So long as all the crucial participants—labels, publishers, artists, SoundCloud itself—can agree on how to share it....

...This sour note matters, because a significant amount of the “grass-roots” material on SoundCloud is so-called derivative content: remixes, mashups, and sample-based music built from existing songs without permission. The company won’t discuss how much of what SoundClouders upload makes unauthorized use of others’ intellectual property, but it’s not trivial. If SoundCloud can convince the labels it has a solution to that dilemma that will make money for everybody, it would be a breakthrough...

...They also argue that it’s specifically because they’ve designed their service from a creator’s perspective that they will ultimately win over Big Music: They want to give rights holders, small and large, control over their work. (In June, SoundCloud struck a licensing agreement with an organization that represents 20,000 smaller labels, boosting the participation in On SoundCloud.) But, they add, they want to do so in a way that recognizes what music consumption has become and where it’s headed. “Remix culture, derivative culture, is already, today, a huge part of society,” Ljung says. And starting with On SoundCloud, their plan is to create a way to make money on such content that will be fair to everyone. “It’s something that we’re unlocking,” Ljung says, declining to be more precise.
In their view, what’s happening in the audio technology world goes well beyond a transition to streaming. “It’s easier to create music, to collaborate on music, and to share it instantly across the world,” Ljung says. “It’s much easier now to create a new genre.” Maybe that means music that gets big fast, fades fast—or morphs. A hit song will still matter, but perhaps less for its canonical self than for the versions and variants it spawns. Access to a catalog of past music or a momentous album-like release every year or two would become less important than a steady supply of material that keeps fans’ attention.

Eavesdrop Radio All Vinyl Mix (07/10/15) - Mixed by DJ Monk One

@monk-one is truly a legend. His impeccable taste and deep knowledge of vinyl culture is reflected in everything he does; from being on the ground floor at the inception of Wax Poetics, to curating the excellent Names You Can Trust label, to his acclaimed DJ sets - the man lives and breathes music.

Listen back to his set, and be sure to check out the full show, which has an interview with Monk and some amazing stories.…3_25-07_00

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@wkdu (Twitter / Instagram)

Soundcheck Episode 11 (Beat Junkies Radio) Feat: Gangrene and Koreantown Oddity

Soundcheck is typically the lick. Highly Recommend the following: Koreantown Oddity MPC set and interview, Gangrene interview, Rhettmatic Gangrene medley.

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Soundcheck Ep. 11 (7.22.15) w/ Gangrene, Koreatown Oddity, Dj Jayceeoh, & Warren G

Dj Rhettmatic set:
Black Milk - Mary Jane 

Pete Rock - Gonna Love You

Skyzoo - See A Key

Statik Selectah - Another Level feat Rapsody

R.A.W - (Right Amount of Wrong) Yes You Can

Pac Div - Roll The Dice

Donmonique feat. Danny Brown - The Low

Finale - Just Due

Ghostface Killah x Adrian Younge - Resurrection Morning feat Raekwon

Black Milk - Over instr

Nikobeats - Wednesday feat Fly Anakin & Henny Lo

Special Guest Koreatown Oddity

Koreatown Oddity MPC set

Ras G x Koreatown Oddity - Ice Fetish

Koreatown Oddity - Film Roll Splices & The Deleted Scenes
Koreatown Oddity - Invisible Force

Ras G x Koreatown Oddity- Cold Titty Mama 3

Koreatown Oddity - Live and Direct

Dj Babu set:

Meek Mill - Classic feat Swizz Beats

Madchild - Devils and Angels

Cormega - No Filter feat Roc Marciano

Special Guest: Dj Jayceeoh

Dj Jayceeoh set:
Jayceeoh feat Redman - Turn Me Up Some
Redman - Time 4 Sum Aktion
LL Cool J feat. Method Man & Redman - 4,3,2,1
Redman - Gilla House
Busta Rhymes - What Up
Dj Jayceeoh & Redman - Y'all Already Know (Exclusive)

Rhettmatic set 2:
Khrysis - King Kong

Pete Rock - BBjones

Blu - Thriller

Large Professor - Industry remix 2 feat Inspectah Deck

Special Guest: Warren G with Mike Slice (Freestyle)

213 (Warren G & Snoop Dogg) - 213 Demo 

Bad Lucc - Hands Down

Mentplus - All My Friends

Hus Kingpin - Shooting Gods feat Killer Ben

Pete Rock - On & On 

Slum village - Expressive

Black Milk - ???

Ghostface Killah - Get The Money feat Vince Staples

Special Guest: Gangrene + Dj Romes

Gangrene Medley Mix:
Gangrene - Not High Enough

Gangrene - Drink Up feat Roc Marciano

Gangrene - Chain Swinging

Gangrene - All Bad 

Gangrene - Dump Truck feat Prodigy

Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca

Gangrene - Play It Cool

Gangrene - Driving Gloves feat Action Bronson

Gangrene - Away Too Long ( Madlib) (Exclusive)