DJ Screw: A Fast Life in Slow Motion (RBMA article)

DJ Screw never touched a computer (at least, not for the purposes of his famous mixtapes) but was years ahead of his peers in terms putting production value into a mixtape.  Absolute must read for fans and laymen alike.  Read article HERE.

TNT Discos Presents - Rare Funk, Afro Psych Grooves from Mexican 45s

The title says it all.

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What is a DJ?

I stumbled upon this article over at  I don't think I actually agree with the author's definition of a deejay, but it certainly did make me think about how you actually define a "DJ."  Defining what a deejay is (at least, the hip hop version of a deejay) is not as easy as you might think.  Here is my definition of a deejay.

A DJ selects music AND does at least ONE of the below things: 
- Manually blend/mix/beat match songs
- Scratch or manipulate music live while recording or performing in front of an audience
- Provides live augmentation by adding effects/drops/remixes/instrumentation to a song's original composition.
How'd I do?  You can read the original article HERE.  The comments are also worth reading FYI.

Fact Magazine Interviews Prefuse 73

Recommended reading material for your Tuesday morning.  Article can be read HERE.

Pearls: Sade Remixes, Covers, & Flips - Mixed by DJ Rahdu

I don't think the Mixes household got BET until 95 or 96.  Yet, I was a big Sade fan well before then.  Go figure?

As a child I spent countless hours glued in front of the television watching videos on MTV, but when we finally got BET in '84 I was introduced to a crew of Smooth Operators that would have a long-lasting effect on me and legions of others. Appearing in constant rotation was one of the most aesthetically pleasing acts, unbound by genre, that continue to confound music lovers to this day. Was Sade Folk, Soul, Jazz, RnB, a combination of all of the above or none of them at all? It never mattered as long as they continued to provide their mysterious trademark sound. 6 albums and 4 Grammy's later, they're still one of my favorite bands and a constant source of inspiration for up and comers.
Pearls is a testament to the countless number of acts, regardless of genre, that have been touched by Sade. Their remakes or remixes is their homage to a sound that can not be encapsulated but forever enjoyed. Dance, love or chill out to this