February 10th, 2006 (A Donuts Retrospective) *Sticky*

Excerpt: There it was.  Right there on the display shelf with all the other new releases of note: J. Dilla's soon to be legendary Donuts album.  I'd like to say I grabbed the album without hesitation.  In fact, what I'd really like to say is that I copped the album three days earlier (on its actual release date).  The fact of the matter (as I've written several times on this blog) is that my relationship with Dilla (who I originally knew as Jay Dee) was always complicated.  I loved Dilla's production on Slum Village's first two albums (hell, I still have my test pressing of Fall in Love that I bought at SV's Fantastic Vol. 2 release party).  However, I also associated Dilla as being the producer behind ATCQ's worst two albums and Common's transformation from "hungry" MC to "flower-power" MC.

Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 33 (w/guest set from David McCullough) - DJ Ian Head

This episode we're back with another special guest, my Dollabin comrade and fellow dusty-knuckle crate head, David McCullough. Set lists are below. Check out David's new mixseries Elevation, Holmes! on Mixcloud at: www.mixcloud.com/davidmc27/elevat…mes-vol-1-rough/ And our occasional Fresher Than Your Father podcast here: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fresh…id467559974?mt=2

Ian Head set:
Jimmy Stewart
Gwen McCrae
Tony Allen

David McCullough set:
Brand New Heavies
Love Unlimited Orchestra
Bobbi Humphrey
Erykah Badu
Reuben Wilson

Donuts Dissected: 10 Years On

Learned a thing or two about the Donuts while listening.
Today marks ten years since James Yancey, better known as J Dilla, passed away. Regularly considered as one of the greatest producers and musicians to ever grace hip-hop, his innovative techniques, meticulous accuracy and outright groove have been mimicked and revered since he passed in February 2006. His magnum opus, Donuts, was released just three days before his death; much of it produced from his hospital bed using just an MPC, sampler and portable turntable — a remarkable feat under any circumstance.
Raj Chaudhuri (aka Raji Rags) — head of music at Boiler Room and Livin' Proof co-founder — has been an avid Dilla disciple for a long time. Classic Album Sundays recently invited him to chair a talk on Dilla's finest work on the anniversary of its release date. What ensues is not only a highly informative and emotional examination of the 31-track project, but a cross-check of all the relevant events that lead up to its making.
Recorded live at Classic Album Sundays in London.

The Infamous 20 Year Tribute Mix - Mixed by J. Rocc

I woke-up at about 4:30 this morning, accepted that I was wide-awake, looked at my phone, and SAW THIS ON MY TWITTER TIMELINE!  Highly Recommended (to say the least).


DJ Premier Spins Live on 93.9 WKYS: EZSTREETSHOW (February 2015)

For some reason Primo (or is it Premo/Preemo? Can somebody resolve this dispute with 100% certainty?) brings forward his best efforts on live radio mixes. At least to my personal taste, his radio mixes are always technically superior and seemingly more thoughtful than his live performances, in addition to his recorded mixes. This video is a prime example.