June 2018 Mixtape - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

DJ Ian Head compliments his exemplary crates with his top-shelf turntable skills with this go around.
Finally had time to put together a little DJ-mix for the first time this year. I had originally hoped to get this out around my 40th birthday in March, but as with many plans, that didn't quite come together. So this is like a post-birthday-early-summer-favorites mix. On my 30th birthday, I put together a long, all-vinyl mixtape of many of my all-time favorite hip-hop records. This time around, I wanted to highlight a number of songs that have stayed in rotation for years - some for over a decade - but weren't all vinyl, or all hip-hop. Just some personal favorites that have meaning to me. I also got to experiment a little with my new Pioneer DJ mixer, throwing in a few minor effects on transitions, which was fun.
Fingers-crossed I'll have at least one more summertime mix in the coming months, but we'll see how it goes...for now, hope you enjoy these selections.
Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait (Unplugged)"
Visioneers/Marc Mac "Dirty Old Bossa Nova"
Quantic & Alice Russell "Left & Right"
mister T. "The Soul Man"
Five Fingers of Funk "360"
DJ Day "Skyy Can You Feel Me"
Lifesavas "Me"
Grouch "Breathe"
Collapsible Mammals "Quarter Lives"
Devin the Dude "Right Now"
Ka.lil / Khingz "Summer Daze"
BJ the Chicago Kid "Turnin Me Up"
Souljazz Orchestra "Lotus Flower"

Nas x Quasimoto - Nasimoto Vol. 2: The Even Further Adventures - David Begun

I didn't really like volume 1, but I REALLY LIKE VOLUME 2. Surprising how well Nas' vocals fit over beats from the second Lord Quas album. Not an actual "mix" in that I doubt tables were used, or a mixer for that matter.  However, listening will surely inspire a few ideas.  Enjoy.

Griselda White (Stoney) - Mixed by Pipomixes

OG tapes sold-out like hot cakes.  Pondering a second run.  DL now widely available while I ponder.  Enjoy.   
The emergence of Griselda Records (Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny the Butcher, & Daringer) and former affiliates like Mach Hommy/Camoflauge Monk/The God Fahim are one of the greatest things to happen to Rap Music in some time.  How all these guys have released such a large amount of quality music in such a short amount of time is beyond me.  I wanted to do a Griselda mix, but there's really no point in just doing a "best of…" type mix IMO.  The label is named after the infamous drug trafficker, Griselda Blanco.  Trying to come up with something fresh for the mix, I thought mixing choice cuts from Westside Gunn/Conway with Barry White (since Blanco is Spanish for White) would be a good fit.  I started out just tinkering with the idea, but the mix fell together pretty organically.  This mix didn't even touch the catalogs of Mach Hommy/The God Fahim/Camoflauge Monk, and still left a lot of Westside Gunn material on the cutting room floor; so there's plenty of material for another one or two volumes of the mix.  No promises, but there's certainly enough music if the demand is there.

DJ Melo-D 7 O’Clock Menu Mix Episode 8 (All Vinyl Set)

This is just disgustingly good! With the camera angle placed overhead you can really study and see how masterful Melo is on the wheels.  Highly Recommended.

Last week I had a chance to play an all vinyl set at LA’s Legendary #LowEndTheory - a weekly event that showcases DJs, Artists, Beatmakers, along with other progressive music and forms of creativity. This was the first time I have played a full set on records in easily a decade plus, which was an extremely humbling reminder of what it takes to stay sharp as a DJ. The time it took me to reconnect with the vinyl aesthetic, technicality, and programming a set on wax was a challenging exercise indeed which I realize I need to do more often moving forward throughtout my career... Unlike digital technology, where mistakes can be corrected, or at least somewhat smoothed over with 1 push of a button, vinyl is nowhere near as forgiving and will absolutely put your DJ skills to the test each and every time. After all these years it felt great to go thru my crates and pull records for this mix, and while achieving a flawless set on records is certainly a difficult thing to execute, I appreciate all the variance that comes with the nuances of DJ’ing on vinyl, it truly is an art form 🙏🏼 With that, here is Episode 8️⃣ of the 7 O’Clock Menu Mix - an all 12” vinyl mix. Tune in right here each week for new episodes, and feel free to leave any requests, comments and suggestions, peace! Episode 8 Track listing : “I’m Not A Player” - Big Pun “Lean Back” - Terror Squad “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” - Busta Rhymes “Hypnotize” - Notorious B.I.G. “Greybreaks Volume 1” - DJ Greyboy “Back To Life” - Soul II Soul “Tour De France” - Kraftwerk “Computer Power” - Jamie Jupitor “Rockberry Jam” - LA Dream Team “Message II (Survival)” - Melle Melle & Duke Bootee Follow on Twitter & Instagram - @DJMeloD Youtube channel name - ogdjmelod www.facebook.com/djmelod www.beatjunkies.com (Beat Junkies record pool) www.beatjunkiesound.com (Beat Junkie Institute of Sound - our DJ School in Glendale, CA.) Equipment used - (2) Technics 1200 turntables, Rane Sixty-Two DJ Mixer, V-Moda headphones, Shure 44-7 cartridges, & select vinyl 12” records. For bookings contact admin@beatjunkies.com or info@beatjunkies.com