Joints & Jams w/ Beat Pete - January 2021


Fair to compare Beat Pete's work ethic with Knx? 

Beat Pete was live with Joints & Jams - two hours of jazz-tinged hip hop and fusion from the likes of Pink Siifu, Roy Ayers, Don Harper, and more.

Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 153 - DJ Ian Head


Back with a few more upbeat but smooth covers and selections this week! Thought folks would enjoy a few drum breaks, keyboards and smooth basslines. Much appreciation to everyone tuning in! Tracklist: Scott Grooves, Bobby Paunetto, Herbie Hancock, Alex Santos Orchestra, Joe Baer Magnant and the Ready, Soullive, The City

KUTMAH - Delhi to Berlin - beats & bops (12/31/20)



Just a masterclass in mixing provided by Kutmah. Saying that Kutmah seamlessly blends across genres doesn't do justice to the psychedelic vibe that is created throughout the mix. Highly Recommended.

Diced & Sliced - Gonorstein & Mr Rotation

When I challenged you all to take mixes to a new level in my end of the year post, mixes like this are exactly what I had in mind. Highly Recommended.

A journey into audio magnetic technology. Diced on the MPC by Gonorstein & sliced on the 1210's by Mr Rotation.

The Source: Part Two - Mixed by Mr. Thing


Mr. Thing mixes are always of the highest quality, and this is no exception.

Samples, breaks and some remakes of some favourite sample uses from recent times and some stuff i've dug up or found since the last Source mix.
Done in the tradition of the classic sample mixes by Kon & Amir, Mr Supreme & Jake One, DJ Shame, Muro & others.
As before - no tracklist because part of the fun is working out who sampled what and how they put them together (at least it is for me).
Thank you MoFingaz for the cover - which in itself is a rework of the original inner sleeve from David Axelrod's classic Earth Rot album!

And if you would like the mix on mp3 - link is right here! :