With this coming Sunday marking the 2 year anniversary of Jay Dee's passing, this week will be devoted to all things Dilla. Below I've posted some classic videos featuring the late, great, J. Dilla.

Slum Village - "Climax"
I remember this video being in regular rotation on BET's RapCity back in 98/99. This was probably the height of the so called "underground" movement with groups like Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, and SV getting consistent play on the national video networks.

Slum Village on the World Famous Wakeup Show
Here you have a fresh and hungry Slum Village (along with Rza and Inspecta Deck) spitting on The World Famous Wakeup Show with Sway and King Tech. I remember back in 98/99 when Slum Village was all the rage and well known hip hop artists like Questlove were saying things like "Slum Village has restored my faith in hip hop."

De la Soul - "Stakes is High"
Gotta love De la straight putting their album cover in the opening shot of their video in a blatant attempt to sell product.

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