FBI Informant Supports 2pac's Story About 1994 Shooting

Very interesting read in today's Los Angeles Times about the 1994 NYC shooting at Quad Studios (the first time Pac got shot). Much of the information in the article supports a lot of what Pac was saying in terms of the involvement of Puffy Combs.
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dutchtwista said...

I think it's accepted truth by now that Tupac was right about the actual perpetrators of the shooting. It will probably never get resolved in court, but word is basically out that the BK players that Pac ran with did it to shut him up about the rape case and generally teach him a lesson about real thug life.

Biggie's whole inner circle (from his moms & Faith to Kim to Enuff to Cease), people who don't even like each other anymore, all swear that Big knew nothing. That he was crushed by Pac's baiting. Pac was justifiably paranoid and he mistakenly lashed out the crew he needed most.