Brainfreeze Part 1 - Mixed by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

The Brainfreeze mix was originally recorded on 2x4's as a practice session for a show in February 1999 at the Future Primitive Soundsession (San Francisco). Shadow and Chemist only mixed original pressings of funk and soul 45's (which is why they had to do it in one take). Initially 1000 copies were made and sold at the shows, and an additional 1000 copies were made and distributed to local records stores in California (and sold out very quickly). I remember buying my copy at Noise, Noise, Noise in Costa Mesa, CA. A cease-and-desist letter from 7-11 was then issued because 7-11 got their panties tied in a knot over the artwork and styling being based on their logos and uniforms. Following the cease-and-desist order, copies of the mix were taken off the shelves and the bootlegging started.

Below is the first part of Brainfreez. I'll post part 2 tomorrow.
Brainfreez Part 1 - Mixed by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (download)
  • Lamont Johson Quartet - "Thunder Kick" (Trailer to unreleased film)
  • The Jules Blattner Group - 2001 - "A Soul Odyssey"
  • Fried Chicken - "Funky DJ"
  • The Mohawks - "The Champ"
  • Reuben Bell - "Superjock"
  • Albert King - "Cold Feet"
  • Ultimate Force - "I'm Not Playing"
  • Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham - "Lover And A Friend"
  • Mack Rice - "Three People In Love"
  • The Nu People - "I'd Be Nowhere Today"
  • Nu-Sound Express Ltd - "Ain't It Good Enough"
  • Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea"
  • American Gypsy - "Inside Out"
  • Odetta - Hit Or Miss
  • The Mar-Keys - "Grab This Thing (Part 2)"
  • Rusty Bryant - "FireEater"
  • Simtec and Wylie - "Bootleggin'" (Part 2)
  • Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiac - "Just A Groove In 'G'"
  • Eddie Bo and The Soul Finders - "We're Doin' It (Thang) (Part 2)"
  • Rufus Thomas - Sophisticated Sissy
  • The Showmen Inc. - "The Tramp (From Funky Broadway)" (Part 1)
  • The Original Soul Senders - "Soul Brother Testify (Part 2)"
  • Rufus Thomas - "Itch and Scratch (Part I and II)"
  • Alvin Cash - "Keep On Dancing (Instrumental")
  • Lou Courtney - "Hey Joyce"
  • Bummer radio spot

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Jason @ PSB said...

Classic mix! Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey you you you you you you you you you hey hey hey hey hey hey you you.... I almost forgot about this one!