B-Boy Classics Vol. 6 - Mixed by DJ Cyrus

DJ Cyrus may be the best deejay you've never heard of. If you enjoy deejays who mix their ass off, then you will enjoy this mix. Below is Cyrus' explaining the theme behind Vol. 6 of B-Boy Classics.

"I had to fire a warning shot on this one. I’m not taking aim at anyone in particular at this point. I will though. I’ve totally had it with these lazy cats who run their mouths all over good songs and could care less about production or transitions. How dare you! You have prompted a return of the Hip Hop DJ. I will soon be pulling a 50 Cent on all sucker DJs in NYC. I fully intend to start head hunting and burning your name up in future battle mixes. So I advise you to be like Mike. Start calling your mixed CDs ‘Compilations’ and be real with your fans. Leave the ‘mixed’ CDs to the mixing professionals." - DJ Cyrus
B-Boy Classics Vol. 6 - Mixed by DJ Cyrus (download)
1. DJ Cyrus - 'BBC 6 Mix Intro'
2. Craig G, Marley Marl - 'Droppin Science'
3. KRS One - 'Jah Rules'
4. KRS One - 'B-Side Accapella (Cyrus Mix)'
5. Jeckle & Hyde - 'AM/PM'
6. Stetsasonic - 'Just Say Stet'
7. Quest Legends - 'BB6 Promo'
8. Eric B. & Rakim - 'Eric B For President'
9. Master P - 'Ghetto D'
10. EPMD - 'So What Ya Sayin'
11. LL Cool J - 'Boomin Systems (Chi-Town Mix)'
12. En Vouge - 'Hold On'
13. Mr. Vegas - 'Under Mi Sensi (Cyrus Blend)'
14. KRS One, BDP - 'The Bridge Is Over'
15. Juice Crew, Shante - 'Juice Crew Allstars'
16. Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick - 'The Show'
17. Nas - 'If I Ruled The World (Cyrus Blend)'
18. Doug E Fresh - 'Get Fresh Doug'
19. Alicia Keys - 'No One (Cyrus Blend)'
20. Amerie - 'What You Gonna Do (Unreleased!)'
21. Cosmic Crew- 'Gonna Rock For You'
22. Craig G, Marley Marl - 'Duck Alert (Red Alert Dis)'
23. DJ Cyrus - 'Hip Hop On Wax Mix Intro'
24. Chuck Chillout - 'Hip Hop On Wax'
25. QL & DJ Cyrus - 'Dialog'
26. Crucial Conflict - '1-900-Off My Square'
27. DJ Cyrus - 'Keep It Movin Mix Intro'
28. Missy Elliot - 'Keep It Movin'
29. Ms Jada, Tweet - 'What Is This Feeling'
30. Wu-Tang, Killa Priest - '4th Chamber'
31. DJ Cyrus - 'BBC 6 Ghetto Mix'
32. Gheto Boyz - 'Balls & My Word'
33. Mystikal - 'I'm A Soldier'
34. Master P, Mystikal - 'Lets Get Em'
35. DJ Cyrus, DJL - 'BBC 6 Drop'
36. X-Clan - 'Verbal Milk'
37. BBC 6 Mix Outro

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