Ground Breaker Classics Vol. 1 - Mixed by DJ Alan Garth

There is nothing better than finding a dope mix that you had no idea even existed. I discovered this diamond of a mix at the Po' Safe Bloggaholic site. The mix consists of 70+ minutes of non-stop breaks, beats, and samples. Completed sometime between 1999 and 2000, DJ Alan Garth uses nothing but original records on this one. Who is DJ Alan Garth (you ask)? Hell if I know, but I know that homeboy produced one hell of a mix right here.

Ground Breaker Classics Vol.1, Side A (download)

Ground Breaker Classics Vol1, Side B (download)


Anonymous said...

check out that is his baby.

Jason @ PSB said...

Thanks anonymous! I love the internet.

pipomixes said...

Good looking out anonymous