James Brown and Friends - Mixed by J. Rocc

To follow yesterday's video of J. Rocc performing his James Brown set, I thought I'd post the first James Brown mix he did a few years back. Ironically, this mix came out before JB died and all the JB tribute mixes started circulating. Have a great week.


Bird said...

Thanks for posting Pipo.. I heard this a while back but didnt have it.

.... heres something new I heard from Dj Yoda and Dan Greenpeace. Ive heard some stuff in the past from Dj Yoda and I found it to be too busy for my taste. Although this mix is busy, it resonates with me ... hope you enjoy it.


Dj Yoda and Dan GReenpeace
----- Unthugged


pipomixes said...

good looking out. Glad you are enjoying the mix, thanks for hitting me up with the yoda mix

Anonymous said...

Is there a download link for this?