Video: DJ McCoy's Old School Hip Hop Mix

If anybody out there (that isn't a deejay I've heard of) can match this live mix and can provide the video to prove it, I'd like to see it.



Anonymous said...

it ain´t bad but if you have everything cued up in serato (like this guy does) it´s not that difficult.. there´s a lot of DJs who get down like this.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if this is the best you've seen, you need to get out more. This is nothing to write home about to say the least. The scratching is basic. He does little mixing, which is good because it needs practice. And he's just cueing up one track after another on the puter.

pipomixes said...

Okay, okay, so I exaggerated a little bit. Of course, I've seen better routines from deejay we've all heard of, but I still think it's pretty good considering it's just off the cuff mixing.

But you are right, I do need to get out more :)

The Real DJ McCoY said...

I haven't DJed in 10 years and just back into it 2007 messing around. (((DJ McCoY...Release))) 2009 Coming Soon. Thanks for the Love.