Thank You Jay Dee Act 3 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Quite possibly the most well put together mixtape that I've ever heard. I know, I know, what about mixtape such and such? I don't mean to hurt anybody's feeling here, but there is just something about Act 3 that gravitates to my ears. The thing that I enjoy most about this mix is that you can hear how much thought and time J. Rocc put into crafting this mix together. Just when we all thought the whole Dilla tribute mix couldn't break any new ground, J. Rocc released this gem on the 2 year anniversary of Dilla's passing and took every deejay (myself included) back to the drawing board. Have a great week!

Thank You Jay Dee Act 3 - Mixed by J. Rocc (download)


Anonymous said...

Yo Turntable P! Gooooood look on the Jay Dee mix from J. Rocc....I found Act(s) 1 and 2 as well..found them on Matikmedia's blog...enjoy J DILLA 4EVER!!!

Act 1:

Act 2:

Unknown said...

file not found!? =(

did you have to take it down? can you re-up it?

pipomixes said...

I'll re-up the mix later this week. I have two mixes that are down and both are stonesthrow mixes. Hmmm??