Yo! 45 Raps Vol. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Playing on the theme of Yo! MTV Raps, J. Rocc constructs an all 45 mix consisting of primarily 80's hip hop. Between mixes, J. Rocc throws in a variety of old MTV Raps segments to give you that authentic MTV Raps experience. Grab some tissue in case you find yourself getting misty eyed while hearing Fab Five Freddy doing his thing. Have a wonderful weekend.

Yo! 45 Raps Vol. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc (download)


Anonymous said...

I love this site! Can't get enough of these mixes! Do you think you can upload this mix so I can hear it?

pipomixes said...

should be up this weekend

Unknown said...

Can you reup this link please? Thank you.