Omega NYC is the 45 King - Mixed by Omega NYC

Just Blaze and Kanye West were the first to popularize sampling old soul classics at 45 rpm, but as far as I know, Omega NYC is the first deejay to do an entire mix at 45 rpm. I know what you are thinking, "who wants to hear an entire mix with chipmunks singing?" Well, that is the whole genius of the mix. Omega is able to 45 an entire mix without the mix sounding like it was 45'd. Listen and see, and if you don't dig the concept you can complain to your heart's content. The Okayplayer Mix will post tomorrow. Have a wonderful week.

Omega NYC is the 45 King - Mixed by Omega NYC (download)

mista long - 45rpm intro
natalie cole - heaven in you
omega_nyc - heaven continues (rmx)
delfonics - alfie
omega_nyc - you remember this (rmx)
delfonics - can you remember
mista long - just a suggestion
ike hayes - a man will be a man
omega_nyc - not satisfied (rmx)
ike hayes - walk on by
the new birth - blind baby
omega_nyc - the letter "I" (rmx)
roberta flack - I who have nothing
roberta flack - by ther river
mista long - more coments
the floaters - you and me
funk inc. - honey I love you
gladys knight - ups and downs
the blue notes - you how to make me feel so good
omega_nyc - somethings wrong (rmx)
the impressions - days get longer
omega_nyc - old fashion (rmx)
smoke robinson - old fashion man
mista long - hateration
lonnie liston - twilight
omega_nyc - hold on to my love (rmx)
bobby womack - i give her all my love
bobby womack - where do we go from here
james ingrahm - one hundred ways


Anonymous said...

Dj Muro did it as well....

pipomixes said...

good looking out. I figured somebody had done it before, but wasn't sure

Bird said...

Yeah The Muro one is super nice. I sent a link a while back. If you get it you have to rewrite the extension to .rar .... it has a wrong extension.

A must have.

Also thanks for this one, its much appreciated.