The Diary (The World's Greatest Rap Megamix) - Mixed by Chris Read

The cover claims over 800 songs in an 80 minute mix. I didn't bother to count all the songs, but I'll tell you this, homeboy put in mad work on this mix. The mix covers all your favorite rap songs from 1979-2007. Take my word for it, give it a listen and enjoy.

The Diary (The World's Greatest Rap Megamix) - Mixed by Chris Read (download)


Jason @ PSB said...

I've heard this before, this is one amazing mix. I have the play list in PDF form if you want me to send it to you.

pipomixes said...

Yeah, if you have the tracklist go ahead and send it over.


Sorry about your Sooners, I can feel your pain

Jason @ PSB said...

I'll shoot an email to you.

Yeah, Texas is always tough. Living in Missouri, all week people were talking about how the Big 12 championship was going to be Mizzou and Oklahoma. I kept telling them that we got Texas and y'all have O State, but they weren't listening. Then Missouri's got to turn around and face Texas this next week.

What a week though! Three of the top 5 lost... on a better note, the Rams beat the 'Skins, WOOOOH!

pipomixes said...

I'm actually going to root for Ohio State to beat Penn State because I think PSU might be the wack Big10 team to backdoor their way into the BCS championship game this year.

When the season plays out it will come down to the Big 12 champ, the SEC champ, and SC being the best teams in the country. Unfortunately, only 1 of those three teams (instead of 2) will play in the title game.

Down with the Big 10!!!!

Jason @ PSB said...

I heard an interview with Bobby Bowden's son last week on the radio, and he was talking about all these signs that are pointing towards a play off system being in the works. And that's something we've, or at least I've been waiting for. In this day and age, I think a champion decided by a poll is kind of wack.

sexy said...
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小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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