Can't Stop Won't Stop: Next Lesson - Mixed by D-Sharp and DJ Icewater

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Can't Stop Won't Stop: Next Lesson - Mixed by D-Sharp and DJ Icewater (download)

1.Just Can't Stop - DJ D-Sharp
2.Kingston '73 - Lyrics Born
3.In This Time Mix - DJ Zen
4.Dub Explosion - Lyrics Born
5.Bronx '78 - Lateef The Truth Speaker
6.War And Peace - Gangs Of The Bronx
7.Ghetto Brothers Power - Ghetto Brothers
8.A Creation Myth - Joyo Velarde
9.Back To Sedgwick Mix - DJ D-Sharp
10.Call Me Herc - DJ Kool Herc
11.Start Of Something Big - Joyo Velarde, The
12.Bam Power - Pow Wow & Jazzy Jay
13.Bam's Faith - Afrika Bambaataa And Jazzy Jay
14.Live At Bronx River - Lisa Lee
15.Summer Of '79 At The T-Connection - Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel, The
16.Three Anonymous Rappers - Lyrics Born
17.Hip-Hop On A Record??? - Chuck D
18.Supreme B-Boy Mix I - DJ D-Sharp
19.Supreme B-Boy Mix II - DJ D-Sharp
20.Worldwide Understanding - Crazy Legs
21.At The Roxy Mix - DJ D-Sharp
22.Going Downtown - Popmaster Fabel
23.Reagan Era - Kool Lady Blue, The
24.Other Planet Rock - Chief Xcel, The
25.Cokane In My Brain - Dillenger
26.Rick's Ready Rock - Chief Xcel
27.Batteram - Toddy Tee, The
28.Ultimate Melting Pot - Chuck D, The
29.Whylin' On The Island Mix I - DJ D-Sharp
30.Whylin' On The Island Mix II - DJ D-Sharp
31.West Coast Poplock - Ronnie Hudson
32.Uncle Jam's Army - Gift Of Gab
33.Things Done Changed - Gift Of Gab
34.New Blues - Gift Of Gab, The
35.All About Reality Mix - DJ D-Sharp
36.Risking It All - Joyo Velarde
37.A Vision Of Peace - Daude Sperills
38.Peace Treaty - Kams
39.First Coast - DJ Kool Herc, The
40.Revelation Time - Lateef The Truth Speaker
41.Cell Theory - Goodie Mob
42.A New Generation - Lateef The Truth Speaker
43.If - Lateef & The Chief
44.Last Trumpet (Halou Remix) - Lyrics Born (Featuring Lateef)
45.Cade O Mocoto - Curumin


RLFM said...

mines not working :(. i was looking forward to listening to this on the way to fifth element tomarrow.

RLFM said...

just kidding, thanks pipo!

pipomixes said...

you made me panic. The last thing I need is another zshare collapse.

RLFM said...

my bad i think it was just my internet

Bird said...

Wow. Re-energized by Obama, now this! Thanks Pipo. Timeless and definitely needed for a historical week.