Video: Cut Chemist Diggin' in the Crates

Something for you to watch as you wait for your Aunt Martha to finish the stuffing.


RLFM said...

i am thankful for pipomixes

RLFM said...

and ive been trying to sample the last few tapes but its too hard to keep the kush mix from playing

Jason @ PSB said...

Yeah, Pipo's mixes are like that. The Okayplayer mix was stuck on repeat in my car for a couple weeks, and I switch cd's out almost daily.

Hey Pipo - What needles do you use? I'm using some old ass Stanton's and thinking of upgrading to something new. Any ideas? I'm pretty basic, more mixing than scratching, not too tricky.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

pipomixes said...


I use Sure M-447. When I bought them a million years ago they were the industry standard, but I'm assuming there is something bigger and better out there these days. I haven't had any complaints. Before the M-447's I owned some Otofons that would eat up my records