The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 3 - Mixed by DJ Melo-D

Volume 3 is my personal favorite out of the three volumes. I remember that I used to try to copy Melo-D's intros in all of my mixtapes back when I first heard this mix. Did my intros ever come close to matching Melo's? Hell no!! But, I tried anyway. Finally, one day I just decided that I was never going to be as nice as Melo-D and that I should leave all my "intros" on the cutting room floor. To be honest, accepting that my intros would never match Melo's was actually quite liberating. Enjoy the mix...

The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 3 - Mixed by DJ Melo-D (download)

Also, The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol.2, mixed by DJ Rhettmatic was re-upped over the weekend. (click here)

Intro (3:10)
2 Quasimoto Microphone Mathematics (3:15)
3 Defari Say It Twice (3:09)
4 Afu-Ra Whirl Wind Thru Cities (3:00)
5 LMNO (2) Grin & Bear It (4:00)
6 Choclair Flagrant (3:52)
7 Encore Filthy (2:57)
8 M-Boogie Bustin' (4:30)

Featuring - Rasco
9 Saukrates Keep It Movin' (2:30)

Featuring - Xzibit
10 Grand Agent Mingling With Mayhem (3:40)
11 Chris Lowe (2) CT To NY (Uncut Action) (3:22)

Featuring - Large Professor
Radio ID #1 (1:21)
13 Mykill Miers The Illest (3:23)
14 Dilated Peoples Guaranteed (3:24)
Radio ID #2 (1:58)
16 Lootpack Whenimondamic (2:46)
Outro (1:11)


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