Best of Fondle 'Em Records - Mixed by DJ Foodstamp

If you're a fan of this site, then you were probably a fan of Fondle 'Em Records. Here's an excellent mix of most of the cream of the Fondle 'Em crop. Nice blends, sharp cuts, and no overkill. Below is an explanation of the mix from Foodstamp himself.

"Okay, so if you’re not familiar with the Fondle 'Em imprint, here’s your chance to, as Clinton Sparks says, "Get Familiar." Baller, sneaker guru, and hip-hop visionary Robert "Bobbito" Garcia killed the game back in the mid-90s when he started this label. Not only did he bring us DOOM (he also practically saved Mr. Dumile), but Bobbito sniffed out some of the illest global talent to release on this "vinyl only" (sans Operation: Doomsday and The Cenobites) label. By no means is this mix a conclusive "best of" Fondle 'Em; however, some of my favs are as follows. Camu Tao (R.I.P.) drops it ridiculously on "Camu" and of course I had to bless you with one of my favorite 12" releases of all time by Mr. Live. Yeshua Da PoED, GRIMM, Juggaknots and J-Treds also come with the fiyah; but, for real, this label reminds me of what hip-hop used to sound like and maybe someday artists will revisit this successful formula (please). Seriously though, Bobbito’s morning shit does more for hip hop than most of us will in a lifetime."

Best of Fondle 'Em Records - Mixed by DJ Foodstamp (download)

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