SouthernPlayalisticTurntableBlendingMuzik - Mixed by Pipomixes

This mix is about ten years overdue. Fortunately, Big Boi's latest single "Royal Flush" forced me to realize how dope Outkast has always been, and continues to be. Outkast's first three albums are straight classic, period. Adding to an already classic catalog, their last two albums have had enough gems to keep the finickiest of heads satisfied. I'm sure some of you will bitch and moan about me leaving out your favorite Outkast song. Before you do, remember that this is a mix. If you want to hear the "Best of Outkast" buy their "best of" album. However, I will say this, two bonafied Outkast classics were left on the cuttingroom floor because they simply did not fit into the mix. I'll let all of you guess which songs I'm talking about. Whoever guesses correctly first will be recognized as the official Outkast Guru (sorry, that was the best prize I could think of). Enjoy the mix!

Return of the G
Get up, Get out
Southernplayalistic (Diamond D Remix)
So fresh, So clean
Crumblin Herb
Player's Ball Reprise
Player's Ball
13th Floor
West Savannah
2 Dope Boyz
Jazzy Belle
Hootie Hoo
Spaghetti Junction
Call of the Wild
Ms. Jackson
Da Art of Story tellin pt. 2
Da Art of Story tellin pt. 1
Royal Flush
A Day in the Life of Benjamin Andre


Weeble said...

Pipo....Outkast is my all time favorite...Thanks for this mix I'ts much appreciated!!!!!

As Far as what bangers are guess is B.O.B. & Rosa Parks, but I might add Skew it on the Bar-B whould have been nice since it was Dre,Big Boi & Raekwon 1st collabo.

In fact I bet you could make a volume 2 with just the stuff you left



RLFM said...

i was also going to go with b.o.b. and rosa parks, but props on weeble beating me to it. rosa parks is definitley a outkast classic though, its a shame it didnt fit in but just looking at the track list this shit looks good

thanks pipo

Jason @ PSB said...

No Spottieottiedopiliscious?

It's all right though, can't wait to listen.

pipomixes said...

You guys have named the tracks, but nobody has named them both.

I didn't know that so many of you were such diehard Outkast fans. I hope all of you enjoy the mix.

RLFM said...

rosa parks and spotttieottiedopiliscious?

RLFM said...

im not a die hard outkast really, but anything mixed by pipo has got to be golden

pipomixes said...

thanks for the props Tom.

You're half right on your guess. Rosa Parks isn't one of the songs because I figured it got so much radio play that including it on the mix would be overkill.

Plus, I didn't want to get sued by a historical civil rights activist (kidding)

RLFM said...

ha well played so im guessing your two are b.o.b. and spottieottiedopiliscious... i guess rosa parks had a strong influnce on me because i was just figuring out what music was and it was the first video i remember liking... seeing andre dance the streets in shoulder pads isnt something you forget

pipomixes said...

The Official Outkast Guru Award goes to....


Hope you enjoyed the mix

omega said...

blending nations 4 life
dope mix i need to catch up
you leaving me in the dust

RLFM said...

whoo hoo i just realized won! any recognition by the almighty pipo is appreciated

RLFM said...

oh and fantastic mix, definitly something i will share with my ears and friends

Unknown said...

Thanks Pipo...yeah this mix is dope...I'm from Philly originally, NJ, NY, CT...but lived and actually was turned on to hiphop in 83 in montgomery al..and have been living in florida for about 15 yrs now so i have grown to appreciate the dirty south sound..not that Outkast really fits into that mold...they are a category all to themselves...but i'm talking about Youngbloodz, field mob, florida shit like anything produced by cool and dre, the runners, nasty beatmakers....that's my kinda shit (when i'm in the mood for it)...would love to hear you mix something up along those lines at some your mixing style...that would be dope and a big hit around here in the "O"...(Orlando, FL)....Peace kid

pipomixes said...


Thanks for the props. You're not the first to request a southern mix. One of these days I'm going to do a southern mix. When I do, it will be after some serious research because I'll want the mix to satisfy the finickiest of southern rap conesieurs .

A$$ET said...

The best two joints that are missing are the Jazzy Belle Remix and Benz or Beamer!! Now get it in!! LOL!! said...

Props from Houston Texas!! Get Up, Get Out best Outkast song to date!!

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