Video: DJ Joe Cooley Live (1987)

I thought this video would be a nice compliment to yesterday's post. I don't know what's more classic about this video, the fact that Joe Cooley was doing things with the turntable in 1987 that I'm still trying to figure out in 2009, or the fact that he is doing all this at Banning High School. Imagine a deejay like _________ (fill in your favorite dj) rocking your local high school dance. Simply classic.

BTW, just like the old KDAY mixes, you're going to have to raise the volume on this bad boy to hear it.

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Olskool4real said...

Yeah Joe Cooley was nice was his!! There are still arguments about that battle between him and Cash but I can tell you Cash Money was no f***ing joke and I know tons of DJ's that tore up a high school in 87!! Don't get me wrong Joe Cooley is no joke I like him but Cash is legendary 4 real he sent them all back to the lab for my practice!!!LOL