DillaMix - Mixed by Pipomixes

"When Dilla first passed I refrained from doing a tribute mix because I felt that it was a little like bringing sand to the beach (though I thoroughly enjoyed many of the tribute mixes that circulated the web). Now that 2 years have passed, and over 2 albums worth of new material has been released (or re-released in some cases), I felt I could bring something new to the Dilla tribute mix collection. Expect the usual BlendingNations signature sound of quick mixing and blends upon blends. Take a moment and remember a talented man who died too early. Enjoy..."

- Black Thought intro
- ATCQ - 1nce Again
- ATCQ - Start it Up
- ATCQ - Find A Way
- Busta Rhymes - Genesis
- Busta Rhymes - Turn Me Up Some
- Madlib - Take it Back
- Frank n Dank - Pause
- Phat Kat - Dedicated to the Suckers
- Slum Village - Untitled
- Slum Village - Fantastic
- Common - Nag Champa
- Common - So Far to Go
- Ghostface - With a Strap
- Slum Village - Players
- Slum Village - Hold Tight
- Q-Tip - Let's Ride
- Pharcyde - Drop
- Pharcyde - Runnin
- Jaylib - Red
- J. Dilla - Won't Do
- Slum Village - Love is
- Slum Village - Fall in Love
- Common - Love is
- Janet Jackson - Got til it's Gone
- J. Dilla interlude
- De la Soul - Verbal Clap
- De la Soul - Stakes is High
- Common - Heat
- Common - Dooin It
- Common - The Light
- J. Dilla - Nothing Like This
- The Roots - Can't Stop This


omega said...

well said pipo.
the dilla mix you did is one of the best. no b.s.

dilla is smilling with us

Bird said...

Big up Pipo, always putting work! Thanks.

Maybe this isnt the most appropriate place to put this but since we are in remembrance.... here an Eazy E' dedication done by Dj Big texas. Ive had this gem for a while. Most recently I was enjoying how good this was put together. I highly recommend this.

Eazy-Essentials (the samples)



pipomixes said...

WOW! Somebody did an Eazy-E mix!!! I still remember buying a copy of Eazy-Duz-It (tape) incognito style because of the Parental Advisory label.

Kicks4Snares said...

I can safely say this is one of the best Dilla mixes i've heard. Great selection

pipomixes said...

Glad you enjoyed :)

fidel said...

Thx for the mix - nice track selection

Ki said...

Great mix. There are some tracks here I didn't know JD had been involved with.
Again, really nice mix.

pipomixes said...

Thank you for the kind words. I always appreciate appreciation

Anonymous said...

This is seriously brilliant, just excellent flow and song choice. Thank you for putting this up!