Fist Full of Dollars - Mixed by Dirty Harry

If you title your mixtape after one of the baddest movies of all time you better come correct. Well, I wouldn't be posting this mix 13 years after it was originally released if it wasn't classic material. So let's start off the week like it's 1996 all over again. Have a great week everybody.

Fist Full of Dollars - Mixed by Dirty Harry (zshare download)


omega said...

dirty harry is that dude.

pipomixes said...

that dude that makes mixes I wish I made

Anonymous said...

dirty harry kills shit. his tapes tell stories, specifically that warriors tape he made a few years back. i'd like to see him get more shine.

Unknown said...

I know i'm almost a year late but... i've been looking for this since 96!
I lost this when i was on tour with DJ Faust (Bomb Records)You have made my day, year and


long live pipomixes