4 Turntable Beatdown - Mixed by Haul & Mason

I think I'm going to start a new Friday tradition. About every month or so, I go through all of the mixes posted on the site and click on the links to make sure that the links don't go dead. During that tedious process I'm able to see which mixes get a lot of downloads, and which don't. Doing this, I realize that many of you are sleeping on some real quality mixes. Now some of you are sleeping on some of these mixes because you weren't checking the blog in the early days. The rest of you are just straight sleeping. So, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post a mix every Friday that I think isn't getting the download love that it deserves (or you may have just missed). Below is my original description of "4 Turntable Beatdown," by Haul & Mason.

"From 2004 to 2006, Scion was hosting promotional events at the hottest L.A. clubs with all the best deejays in Hip Hop. Attending these events I saw Jazzy Jeff, Premier, Pete Rock, 45 King, 9th Wonder, DJ Revolution, Biz Markie, Krs-1, and Prince Paul, ALL FOR FREE! The only thing you had to do was go to the Scion website and RSVP and you were in there like swim-wear. It was the greatest thing since movies on demand. To make a long story short, deejays Haul&Mason were the opening act at all of these Scion events. These two cats were often a near impossible act to follow. If you've never heard these two deejays before, their whole schtick is that they perform all their sets on 2x4 turntables. The below mix was recorded live during their 2004 Japan Tour. ** Peep the below video for a sample of Haul and Mason doing their thing live."
Four Table Beatdown - Mixed by DJ Haul and Mason (download)


Unknown said...

this or your site! this is one of the dopest hip hop mixes ever, they totally kills it!

and your site is mad dope, think i've downloaded most of your mixes, got my 16gb nano fully loaded, mixes only!

keep up the great work and

lightningclap said...

Thanks for the heads up- this is hot! I usually search for my favorite DJs on this site. Glad you pointed this one out.


Bowls said...

LA HEADS: Did J-Rocc ever get a chance to stomp these guys out? I remember he wanted to battle these guys a few years back.

Haul and Mason politely declined.

As a matter of fact, at the risk of looking WAY too far into a DJ mix, remember "Taster's Choice 2" when he's playing the Tribe "Keep It Rollin'" joint?

I always imagined that him backspinning Large Pro's "FUCK THEM TWO DJ'S" was aimed at Haul and Mason.

But yeah maybe I'll give this mix a listen. You guys seem to really like it.

pipomixes said...

I never knew about any Haul & Mason v. J.Rocc beef.

omega said...

it's true... the beef was over haul and mason swearing they had the hottest night LA... and they refused the battle because the stakes were too high! The loser would have to give up the night at zanzibar... which would have been haul and mason... but as a result we got nightlife.... so F it, haul and mason knew they couldn't hang


I didnt know they were at each others throats either?? And to think we are in the same record pool too??

Bowls said...

*star flashes across the screen*


Yeah I was really intruiged by the idea of that battle, mainly just for J-Rocc to get H&M off the Scion-sponsored high horse they rode in on.

I don't know if they ever talked it out in person, but DAMN that shit was hilarious over at the beatjunkies.com message board (RIP)

Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembered that.

Anonymous said...

I think you got it wrong. "2x4 turntables". I think they just used 4 turntables all together (2x2), but you're implying the turntables were 8.


ps.good website btw

Anonymous said...

FYI, the beef was just between j.rocc and mason... not haul.

it was supposedly over something that mason supposedly said in a drunken conversation...

don't forget, J.Rocc also called out KRS-1 for being a douche on the same post!

he was hella pissed that day i guess.

it would have been dope if they battled! just to see two dope DJ's go at it with some serious dissin'. in my opinion, J. Rocc would be able to serve ALMOST everyone up in a battle...