Shadow of Doubt - Mixed by DJ Akalepse

Great cool-out mix I got put on to by my man OmegaNYC.

Shadow of Doubt - Mixed by DJ Akalepse (downoad)


Unknown said...

this is crazy to me.
6hundred and eighty something folks checked it out.
seven years later.
to whom it it may concern.
thanks for putting it up.
i hope it means something to someone.
also this,
i'm close to having a website.
i'll play records to this for sure.
please stay tuned.............
dj akalepse

Califas said...

Yeah man... i bought this when it first came out. I was still in high school and stopped by Music Revolution in Anaheim, CA while on my way to a party. Looked at the track listing, copped, and was really impressed. Since then I've bought three copies and lost them. I've put mad homies on too. So yeah dog, years later and still catching praise. Congrats and stay grinding.