Video: Mos Def Talking About MF Doom

Lord forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks and I still haven't copped the new Doom. If you've been sleeping on Doom like me, check these snippets and listen to what you've been missing. Still not convinced? Well, maybe the mighty Mos Def can convince you of the virtues of some Doom in your life.


omega said...

this is a funny fn video! He must of had the mad villian album on constant rotation... I only know the words to top billin' and it ain't hard to tell


Ok Ok for real this video was mad funny but only because of the truth of the whut exactly whut mos was shareing with us by even doing this , first of all this video just reminds me of how deep & personal some ones & ones take this culture of ours mos really reminds me of how I hear Killah Priest & just the simple understanding that aone could get out of the music that shit.... only he can really understand but at the same time I understand just where Mos was coming from
Thanks alot for the post

pipomixes said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. This video captures how deep this culture is felt by some. Mos Def feels Doom lyrics the way I feel a J.Rocc mix. Don't ask me to explain it further, but I can tell by your comment that you get what I'm saying (as many others will too).


With out a doubt brovah I get whut u mean even on the topic of a J-Rocc mix that brovah make some classical mixes I got a few of along with the whole Beatjunkie Sound System

thanks for the post again
im sending the link to my Wife right now

alley al said...

i never seen that clip before.
its great to see such a fan!!
i'm not a mos fan like that,
but more so than a doom fan,
but i get it.
de la was my shit. and blacksheep.