Best of the Isley Brothers - Mixed by J. Period

Wow! This isn't your typical "Best of..." type mix. J. Period does exactly what the cover states. He revisits, remixes, and reinvents all your favorite Isley classics.

Best of the Isley Brothers - Mixed by J. Period (zshare download)


Anonymous said...
shameless spam matebut ive done a massive attack mix,im a regular reader of ya blog,and thought you might like this

pipomixes said...

great listen. send me some cover art and I'll give it a proper post

Bird said...

thanks pip. havent been here for a while, glad you have classic shucks like this!

hope everything is good.



Bird said...

it should'nt be called the best of Isley bros. Its should be called the best samples of isley bros.

not what i expected but thanks for your hard work pip.


Anonymous said...

Another great mix, expecially love the Isley Brothers.

Big up to Pipomixes!!