K-Day Vol. 1 - Mixed by DJ Melo-D

From 2004 to 2007, I was spending between 10-15 hours per week driving the freeways of Southern California. As you might imagine, I spent a considerable amount of time listening to the radio. During this time, I remember always making it a point to listen to Melo-D's traffic hour mixes. The below mix is essentially a compilation of those K-Day mixes that would help make bumper-to-bumper traffic bearable.

K-Day Vol. 1 - Mixed by DJ Melo-D (zshare download)

[1] Dilated Peoples: KDAY intro
[2] Dr Dre : Let Me Ride
[3] The Game : Westside Story
[4] Big Hutch feat Xzibit : 2 Killaz
[5] Snoop Dogg : Drop It Like It's Hot
[6] Lloyd Banks : On Fire [6] Lloyd Banks: On Fire
[7] The Game feat 50 Cent : This Is How We Do
[8] Ice CUbe : My Summer Vacation
[9] Kurupt : Callin Out Names
[10] Mobb Deep : Win Or Lose
[11] Notorious Big : Sky's The Limit
[12] Laurnea : Sun Don't Rain
[13] Bobby Valentino : Slow Down
[14] Alchemist : Hold You Down (KDAY remix)
[15] Mos Def : Ms Fat Booty
[16] Nas : I Can
[17] Puff Daddy : It's All About The Benjamin
[18] 50 Cent : Disco Inferno
[19] Queen Latifah : Wrath Of My Madness
[20] Superlover C & Casanova Rud : Do The James
[21] Eric b & Rakim : Paid In Full
[22] X Clan : Grand Verbalizer
[23] De La Soul : Buddy
[24] Jungle Brothers : Straight Out The Jungle
[25] Jungle Brothers : J Beez Comin Through
[26] Latee : This Cut's Got Flavor
[27] Eric B & Rakim : Eric B Is President
[28] Eric B & Rakim : I Ain't No Joke


The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

KDAY was great when it first came back but then it slowly started drifting to Hip Pop and started sounding more than a Top 40 station than old school Hip Hop station. I stopped listening to KDAY back in 2006. Now because I live the IE we don't get the station anymore. We have Flo, a real old school station:)


DJ Bozo said...

WORD - Melo-D is so precise when it comes to cuttin' & scratchin'!

pipomixes said...


You're right about KDay. That being said, I always respected Melo for mixing the top 40 ish tastefully with some underground joints here and there. I would bug out when I'd hear a Fabulous joint followed by a Quasimoto song.

DJ Bozo said...

Right you are Pip!

Anonymous said...


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