Still Shinin... - Mixed by DJ Revolution

I'm not the biggest Smif N Wessun fan, but I'm a huge Revolution fan. And that my friends is the value of a deejay. Dope deejays will make you listen to, and enjoy music you wouldn't otherwise peep.

Still Shinin... - Mixed by DJ Revolution (zshare download)


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know what ya mean, I don't mind some of their tunes but Revo makes them sound better, funny that! Anyway, digging the new header, change is always good, peace out homee.

P O DUB said...

... and for those who are tek n steele fans this is a fantastic album of theirs to remind you of tha shinin days.

revo is really in top form on this and will make you smile in the first 10 seconds when he states something like "this about tha music, not the shout outs" and then procede to keep his word.

awesome MT