Michael Jackson: The Soulful Years - Mixed by DJ Jaycee

I told all of you these tribute mixes would start rolling in. Well, not exactly. This mix was created over three years ago by Ludacris's deejay, DJ Jaycee. In addition to the excellent track selection, you can tell that Jaycee put in some real work on this bad boy. I should go straight to mixtape hell for not knowing about this mix earlier. Editor's commentary: I know death turns us all into heros and wonderful people. Certainly, MJ's music and performing abilities were second to none. That being said, please spare me all the commentary about how wonderful a person Michael Jackson was. Let's focus all the tributes on the man's musical contribution. Anything else is pure speculation.

Michael Jackson: The Soulful Years - Mixed by DJ Jaycee (download)

Courtesy DJ Soul


Anonymous said...

This one's been out since like 2006! This is an incredible mix right here by the homie Jaycee!! Not some a igga just died let me get some shine ish, but a real selective mix of classic joints!

pipomixes said...

Thanks for the info. I updated the post to reflect your comment.