Ol' School R&B Flavas - Mixed by Grand Groove DJ's

I don't have too much time to explain the concept of this mix. In a nutshell, this mix is a cover mix. As far as I know, this is the first mix that I've heard of that is a "cover" of another mix. Below is the description as described by the Grand Groove DJ's.

"Grand Groove DJ's: This mix is inspired by the work of legendary New York mixtape DJ’s G-BO THE PRO AND DOUBLE R, with special thanks to our homie DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG for putting us up on game. Awhile back Royale showed me G-Bo the Pro and Double R #21. It was an instant hit receiving HEAVY rotation in the car. Roy then suggested the idea that we re-do the tape, a cover per se, adding our own Grand Groove touches throughout. Covering a mixtape, who does that!? So that’s what we did! We re did the B Side of the tape and flipped the cover too (thanks to Committee Design). While we kept a lot of the original tracklisting we also included some of our own personal favourites and original blends that we felt would fit in the mix. Here’s the original cover and tracklisting…"

School R&B Flavas - Mixed by Grand Groove DJ's (download)


Unknown said...

haven't heard the og but this is smooth! although i thought mixtape djs used to consider this biting? i remember my mate heard Sweeet and went out and copped all the tracks, then i copped a lot from him! i guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Anonymous said...

respect for posting our mix!

no biting allowed...g bo the pro is a friend of ours. we did this mix to pay our respect and expose his name (and Double R) to a generation of younger cats who might not know of them.