Pete Rock DXM06 - Mixed by Pipomixes

First off, big ups to my man Joey Stratts for the cover art. If any of you fellow deejays or bloggers are in need of some graphic art, hit up my man at


Choc said...

1. Soul Survivor Intro
2. Pete Rock & Bumpy Knuckles Mind Frame
3. Pete Rock & Bumpy Knuckles Future Flavas Promo
4. Pete Rock & Bumpy Knuckles Who Knows Why
5. Pete Rock & Rakim The Saga Begins
6. Nas The World is Yours
7. Pete Rock & Gangstarr & Bumpy Knuckles The Milita Remix
8. Pete Rock & Grand Agent This What They Meant
9. The UN Cake
10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth In the House
11. Pete Rock & CL I Got a Love
12. Pete Rock & CL All The Places
13. Pete Rock & CL Caramel City
14. Pete Rock & CL Its On You
15. Pete Rock & CL Skins
16. Pete Rock & CL Soul Brother #1
17. Pete Rock & CL Ghettos of Mind
18. Pete Rock & CL Anger in a Nation
19. Pete Rock & CL Back on the Block
20. Pete Rock & CL Act Like You Know
21. Pete Rock & Jeru Cant Stop the Prophet Remix
22. Pete Rock & Blackstar Respiration
23. Pete Rock & INI Mind of Matter
24. Pete Rock & INI Square
25. Pete Rock & INI THink Twice
26. Pete Rock & INI Step Up
27. Pete Rock & INI Grown Man Sport
28. Pete Rock & INI The Life I Live
29. Pete Rock & House of Pain Jump Around Remix
30. Pete Rock & Run DMC Down with the King
31. Pete Rock & Public Enemy Shut em Down Remix
32. Pete Rock & Biggie Juicy Remix
33. Tim Scott Today
34. Pete Rock & CL They Reminisce Over You
35. Pete Rock & CL Straighten Out Remix
36. Pete Rock & CL Pete's Sake

Anonymous said...

Good joint..Can't get enough of pete rock..Miss those CL Smooth & Pete Rock days..

Moose said...

This mix is crazy.. Props for this, one of the better Pete Rock mixes!

omega said...

this tuesday is turning out to be something amazing. hit me up fam

pipomixes said...

Damn Choc, that was fast as f*ck. I'll email you a copy of tc4 in the next few days.

Glad everybody is enjoying the mix

RLFM said...

thanks for the listen offer or whatever, its appreciated. based soley on the tracklist i will be playing this for the next few days, if not weeks

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this mix man! Nice work!


Another classic mix from PIPO!! Thanks for all the work you are doing over there!! It doesn't go unnoticed!!!

pipomixes said...

Thank you Digum

pipomixes said...

Yo Choc,

Post your email and I'll send you the mix.

Or, just email me at

Justice Equality said...

I cant describe how much I love Pete Rock and this MIX!! Thanks.. I shall be sharing!!!