New Edition in the Mix - Mixed by DJ Daddy Dog

Another excellent mix from the 5th Platoon brethren. A funny little tidbit. As I was listening to the mix this weekend, my wife asked, "is that another Michael Jackson mix that you're listening to?" I guess Q-tip said it best, "...the way that Bobby Brown is amp just like Michael..." In all seriousness, I don't think Daddy Dog (or anybody else) could have done a better job with the NE catalog. Enough of my jibber jabber, have a great week everybody.

New Edition in the Mix - Mixed by DJ Daddy Dog (download)


Olskool4real said...

Absolute is what I call it, I just checked it out a couple days ago and it was fire!!Had you wanting more!!!Nice post

DJ DADDY DOG said...

thanks for the love guys...pass it around. the more buzz i get the more i'll get amped to make a funny or a lil disturbing mj mixtape. it's hard to describe. you're just gonna have to wait and hear