J-Zone's Top 10 Adventures in Diggin'

Great Sunday morning read. Below is a sample.

"Your girlfriend will never understand you dragging her into an asthma inducing dump of a store to sift through records. You then remind her to shut the fuck up, because every time she dragged you into some store in the mall to look at some Tarot cards or some draws that are just gonna come off anyway, you suffered through it like a man. When a man is into digging for records, he puts his health (and life) on the line. I haven’t known anybody to die in the line of duty, but some of us have knocked a few years off of our lives by inhaling mold and funny looking dusts that can’t possibly be OSHA approved. Some people fly to strange countries just to dig, but I never went that far. I’m not a digging nerd, I have actual bills to pay. Believe it or not, I’ve gone record hunting on three different continents and my best stories are from local spots and junk yards right here in America. Sometimes it’s all about the experience, not the records." Read the full article here.

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