Wall of Fame Vol. 1 & 2 - Mixed by Mo-Majid

If I were ever to sit down and create a break mix, I'd like it to sound similar to these mixes. Enjoy!

Wall of Fame Vol. 1 (download)

Wall of Fame Vol. 2 (download)

Via Dirtcastle


RLFM said...

pipo- very excited about folgers blends here. what was this "taster's 4.5" i saw a few ago? im always excited about a new pipo project but 2? damnnn

pipomixes said...

Folgers Blends will be the same mix that was originally titled Taster's Choice 4.5. Apparently, J. Rocc did not like us using the Taster's Choice title, so the title was changed.

Unknown said...

Good stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can re-up the Mo Majid Wall of fame mixes?

Thanks Pipo