Live at the Roadium (1987) - Mixed by Dr. Dre

I can't thank my man Dave the Dope Fiend enough for sending this gem my way. Before NWA, before Eazy-E, before the Ice Cube beef, before Chronic, before.... you get the point. Before it all, Dr. Dre was just one dope-ass deejay. Listen and enjoy.

Live at the Roadium (1987) - Mixed by Dr. Dre (download)


RLFM said...

always enjoy a good dre mix, unfortunatly i only have 2 other then this one. anyway, excited for folgers in 8 days

Anonymous said...

more from dre

Mattj said...

some great mixes from your site but im not feeling the ihateuashley mix, an off day for Dre?