Copyright Criminals Documentary

Here is the excellent documentary for those of you who missed the airing of Copyright Criminals this week. You can watch it in six pieces on this site, or you can watch it without interruption at the pbs site here.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI


DJ Bozo said...

Thanks for the link Pipo, wasn't able to catch it when it originally aired.


damn i saw this on t.v. last week n i had to download it this is a must own got some good education
good lookin out on da post man

Anonymous said...

I liked the documentary. wish they would have showed more of the sampling process. also wished they would have showed how mainstream sampling has become. great knowledge being dropped. thanks for posting P.


Eric Nord said...

too bad this documentary is copyrighted... i was going to sample it and make millions of dollars.