Soliloquy of GangStarr - Mixed by Pipomixes

I thought I'd go with one of my own (it is my blog after all) for this week's re-post. Below is my description of the mix.

Making a GangStarr mix is a lot like making a pizza. It's difficult to royally screw up, but it's very easy to make it bland and forgettable. On the other hand, if you can make a great pizza there is nothing better in the world to eat. In creating this GangStarr mix, I am well aware that I am kinda, sorta, reinventing the wheel here. However, you may notice that there are countless Best of Primo mixes, but not many mixes devoted just to GangStarr. Anybody who is a Primo fan knows that he saved his best beats for the GangStarr albums. Enter, the whole theme of the mix. With this mix, I wanted to do exactly what the title suggests, create a soliloquy of GangStarr beats with a few Guru verses thrown-in here and there. In other words, shine a light on Primo's GangStarr production without boring an audience that is very familiar with the music, but still entertain that same audience with the quality of the mix.
With 31 tracks squeezed into just 33 minutes, the mix is a potent blend of 90% of the essential
GangStarr tracks (I'll leave 10% for all of you to moan and groan about). While listening to the mix, I challenge you to think of any Hip Hop act who could fill 33 minutes (with 31 tracks no less) with the same level of quality music.

Soliloquy of GangStarr - Mixed by Pipomixes (download)

You'll Ready For GangStarr (intro)
Flip the Script
Take it Personal
Tons of Guns
Next Time
Full Clip
Credit is Due
Code of the Streets
What I'm Here 4
Step 2 the Arena
You Know My Steez
Mass Appeal
Illest Brother
2 Deep
Now You're Mine
Who's Gonna Take the Weight
Just to Get a Rep
Robbin Hood Theory
Above the Clouds
Ex Girl to Next Girl
All 4 the Cash
Memory of


Jason @ PSB said...

classic pipomixes...... btw, when we gettin' kush to the third?

pipomixes said...

Kush to the third? I don't know, perhaps soon

DJ4AM said...

Props on this, well executed, great track list! Many thanks, it's going right into the iPod.

"2.13" said...

Good Stuff, classic material!

Anonymous said...

imagine if you got to mix like this will go down as one of the illest when i tell my kids about the art of mixing.

Miss jane said...


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