Dil's Beat Shop - Mixed by J. Rocc

Dilla week officially begins now.

Dil's Beat Shop - Mixed by J.Rocc (download)

Courtesy of StoneyJackson


Anonymous said...

dilla week you say?
its going to be a gooooood week : )

Anonymous said...




ChupaSauce said...

Every week is Dilla week!


PrestonGently said...

I just wanted to say thank you for constantly keeping the content up. all my equipment is broken and i am in need of fresh music and mixes all the time. A thousand thank you's and much respect. If i had any money to send you in support, i definitely would! Until then you have my love. Keep up the good work.

pipomixes said...

Thank you Preston. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

A soul taken from us too early, cut down in its prime, rest in beats dilla!