We Got the Jazz - Mixed by Pipomixes

I am constantly thinking of different themes to build a mix around. With the completion of each mix I typically fall into a 2-3 week funk where I try to think of a new theme for my next mix. Following the Folger's Blends mix I was struggling to think of a new theme. Then, one day while doing a random google search I stumbled onto the above logo. At first glance, I thought the logo was straight dope. However, the logo became even cooler when I learned that it was the creation of my favorite t-shirt designer, Derek from Manifest Worldwide. Given that the saying behind the logo comes from a ATCQ song, I was originally intending to do a Tribe mix. However, since Tribe mixes are a dime a dozen I went in the direction of creating a mix that attempts to capture the jazzy vibe that groups like Tribe and Digable Planets spawned. As the title suggests, all songs on this mix incorporate jazz based samples. The track selection includes music from jazzy groups and producers such as A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Diamond D, Black Moon, De La Soul, Madlib, No ID, Gang Starr, Showbiz & AG, Big L, The Roots, and Nas (I think that's all of them?). Half the fun of making this mix was doing the research to ensure that all songs maintained a jazz break. Some were no brainers, but other songs with jazz breaks were quite surprising. Jazz based samples have always given a special vibe to hip hop music so I hope this mix captures that magic. Thanks again to Derek at Manifest for inspiring the mix's theme. Speaking of Manifest, check out Manifest's grab bag sale where you can get a set of 3 randomly selected t-shirts for $25 here. I hope you all enjoy the mix.

We Got the Jazz
Push it Along
Oh My God
1nce Again
Word Play
Buggin' Out
Get a Hold
World is Your Rmx
Memory Lane
World is Yours
Dead Presidents
Push Up Ya Lighter
Distortion to Static
Stay Cool
Black Ego
Rebirth of Slick
Where I'm From
Do What You Feel
Borough Check
Home Sweet Home
I Got Cha Open
Next Shit
I am I be
Supa Emcees
Microphone Math
Come on Feet
I Used to Love Her
Nothin' to Do
Ex Girl to Next Girl
Step into the Arena
Next Level
More than One Way
Check it Out
Silence of the Lambs
Still Diggin'
Put it On
All Black
MC is My Ambition
The Hiatus
This One
Hip Hop
If You Can Say Huh
Universal Magnetic


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear it! Thanks.

monte said...

Been waitin' on this one!


pipomixes said...

Hope you all enjoy

Anonymous said...


Tapemasta said...

Sounds like a good idea !! I can't wait to hear it !!

Sebastian Miguel said...

absolutely top mix. great to hear someone who can not only select but BLENDDDDD.

Anonymous said...
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man I wonder what the person above me said...anyway, i listened to this mix at work this morning. it made my struggle that much more enjoyable!! this mix is superb!!!

pipomixes said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad many of you are enjoying the mix

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Pipo's blending skills... no words. Smooooo(...)oooooth...
...By the way - what about that PipoMixes T-Shirt idea? Are you still planing to somethin?

Jason @ PSB said...

pipomixes, i have come to the conclusion that you're the deejay's deejay. when i go on vacation next month, i'm making a pipomixes disc with all your mixes for the drive. can't wait.

Anonymous said...

What program do you use to make your mixes? This mix reminds me of mid 90's G-Bo & Double R 4-track style mixes.

m. floyd said...

"I hope you all enjoy the mix."
we will not
cause its on ffin zshare for gods sake


damnnnnnnn i think something might be wrong wit da link i just dl it twice n all im getting is like 5 min of the mix and tribe music is like da best music to mix pleaseeee help

pipomixes said...

If you're having problems with the download, I am currently uploading the mix to limelinx. I'll post the limelinx link on the front page.


My tools of the trade are the following:

- 2 technics 1200 tt's
- numark dxm06 mixer
- torq (which I really only use for the digital vinyl aspect. I don't even attempt to use all the effects)
- adobe audition 1.5/cool edit


Thanks again for the very kind words


good lookin Pippo this mix sounds like how ur lab looks which is clean

pipomixes said...

thanks jah wise. Did you see that the Ma Dukes concert was released on dvd?

Manifest said...

man this mix is right on. so smooth and so classic. you've out done yourself again pipo. proud to have Manifest associated with you and this mix! keep it up.

Pete said...

Thanks for doin this!
It's smooth just like JAZZ!!


Yoooo! I been bumpin dis mix nonstop since I coped it yo you got good taste you played like some of all my favoret joints you did it just like I would have did it not to sound wak but this is a real nice mix love how clean da blendz r too


Yo I hope u study ur comments I feel whut every body has shared I just got out of work n I had a good day wit dat mix on repeat dealin wit da every day shit But put me on to where I can find that boxset dvd suit for ma dukes

pipomixes said...

I missed the small print, available 3/10



okay there good brovah i got a question torq n sorato are they 2 diffrent things or is it the torq accuracy im confused what i found interesting about this new tecnolagy is that i do have wax and some real good shit that i use but damn i got alot of gigs of music and if i could only run dem files thru my 1200 that would be bannanass i dont care for all the effects like how u put in the comments l.o.l. like u was on trile for murder but fuck it this mix was tight one person said something to the nature of a 4track device and i fell out laughing i aint know so much critical dj cats was really in cyber space

pipomixes said...

I've only used torq. It works fine once you get set your computer to the right settings so the software performs at optimal function. I'd buy serato if you're using it for gigs because it's industry standard and you won't run into connection problems.
Personally, I haven't even gotten into all the bells and whistles of torq. I just use it the same way I'd be doing it without torq. The efx's that I use come from my mixer and not torq. I only use the program because I can make instrumentals where none have been released and I don't have to buy doubles of vinyl anymore.

Anonymous said...

how about a mix of just the samples; that would be fat!

Kamagra said...

This quite a unique album. for those who like jazz and are tired of the same old thing, here's what you were waiting for!