45 King Spinning on Mini Turntables

Unless you've actually tried spinning on those mini turntables, you really can't appreciate how impressive this is.

Part II


DJ Bozo said...

Dude is maaaaaaaad nice with his!

ADA said...

so clean! what program is he using to control the wax, and how is he cueing up the tracks without the computer? someone please explain because that looks way tighter than having to use the laptop.

ADA said...

ahh - this commment on youtube explains it. no serato, that's gangsta!

45 KING!!!

jvcforce (3 days ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
Reply He is using his private press 7-inch records. He put bunch of different beats in one "song." No Serato used here. DJ Mark the 45 KIng is one of my big influence. I used to listen to DJ Red Alart show on 98.7 Kiss FM. Red used to play a lot of 45 King's beats on the show. His beats are always funky and raw. The sound of hip hop in New Jersey! Recognize, people!