DJ Clark Kent New York Set

Whoever edited this video was a little too quick on the edit button. Nevertheless, you can still get a feel for how Clark Kent rocks a party. Now, before some of you get all critical and start complaining about Clark Kent not doing this or that, remind yourself that 99.99% of you would be cumming in your pants if you had a crowd reacting to your every record the way Clark does in this video. Who is the .01% that has the right to complain (as if there is anything to complain about)? Well, bet you didn't think your favorite dj downloads mixes from this blog too.


Anonymous said...

editing is weak. n save the drama for your mama!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Clark Kent has left an impression on Hip Hop but this video is just disappointing and annoying. DJ's are supposed to let their track selection and blending do the talking...the only talking I see here is coming from his mouth. There should be a new rule in the DJing game...if you can drive to the gig, leave the Serato at home.