Choice Cuts: Live in Dublin - Mixed by J.Rocc

Here is a live recording of a J.Rocc set performed in Dublin back in November 09. I imagine most of you who visit this blog have seen J.Rocc perform live. If you haven't, do yourself a favor and see him if he is ever within driving distance of where you live.

Choice Cuts: Live in Dublin - Mixed by J.Rocc (download)

Via EJ Nord


RLFM said...

hey pipo THIS IS NOT SPAM, you should check out the mix above i think you and the other visitors would really enjoy it. its not something i did or something someone i know did, i'm just suggesting it because i think everyone will like it. below is a link to a write up with more info on the mix.

RLFM said...

make sure to copy and paste all of the top link i dont know why it split like that