Live in Tokyo 2005 - Mixed by DJ Mitsu

Jazzy kush. Write-up below.

If one person holds the flag for Jazzy Sport, it's got to be Mitsu. A world renowned DJ, producer and 1/3 of the hip-hop group Gagle. He's been spotlighted for years with production that's channeled the greats from the mid '90s. If there's one thing I respect most about Jazzy Sport, is not only do they just stick to representing quality soul and electronic music, they're dedicated to keeping underground hip-hop alive.

One of the most requested archives, DJ Mitsu The Beats live in Tokyo. Recorded exclusively for BTS Radio at Club Milk.

Live in Tokyo 2005 - Mixed by DJ Mitsu (download)

Courtesy BTS Radio
, Via EJN

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Mitsu & MU R put alot US deejays to shame. Both have great ears and skill.

btw,when you going drop your Large Pro mix?