Soul Assassins Breaks 2 - Mixed by DJ JS-1

Below is JS-1's description of the mix.

This is part 2 of my original samples n breaks mix that i did on Muggs' & Mr Choc's West Wing show on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We were in Cali recording an album, i basically woke up, wake-n-bake and jumped into a 2 hour breaks set with no headphones... The part 1 is also available for download below. Part 1 has more popular samples you probably know or heard, and part 2 is for the more experienced listener... lol.. once again, shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg, General Mils... now go slap someone!!!

*i am not posting a tracklisting for sample/break sets... find them yourself!!!

Soul Assassins Breaks 2 - Mixed by DJ JS-1 (download)

Courtesy JS-1


Jason @ PSB said...

No headphones, love it!

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Didn't like part one Pipo? Posted part 2 instead?

btw, is now official!! The Second Revival is coming July 1st!! I'm aiming for two more years then I'm out.

Eric Nord said...

What do you mean, "two more years then I'm out".


Yo, why'd they shut you down?

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

@ Eric Nord

My blog got shut down due to too many DMCA notices. I must have received nearly 20 over the past two years.

And yeah I won't be posting anymore after 2012. It takes alot to find, listen and post mixes twice a week....EVERY week....for Free. Four years straight is lifetime in blogging. Besides there are plenty of mixtape bloggers to continue on. When I started 2 years ago if was barely a dozen or so. Now there's nearly 30.

@ Pipo

I'm liking the new look except the red links in tag cloud and else where. You should keep all links the same color for a more balance look.

Eric Nord said...

No doubt... it's a lot of work. I hear you. You've made huge contributions. The mixes you've posted will live on.

I also "retired" from blogging. Now I Twitter because it's less work (although, to be honest, I post a lot more now).

For those who want to avoid shutdown and DMCA notices, the key is prevent indexing by search engines and to refrain from posting the names of famous artists. There are a couple of ways of doing this, and I assume it is possible to do this with a blogger blog, because I know that SOUL's posts don't show up on Google. Anyway, just thought I'd mention that for those who want to avoid the same fate.


yo Js-1 really surprised da hell out of me on both parts of this mix his mixin on dis is real live its like a bomb u only get one time to explode

Anonymous said...

holy crap was that a song/break/sample interpolated on "the message"? why have i never heard that?