Rock Steady #1 - Mixed by Mr. Wiggles

I apologize for not having enough time to consolidate both sides into one large file, but this is an excellent mix worthy of all of your ears. I feel more Hip Hop just for listening to this mix. Honestly, my "hiphop'ness" went up at least 3 levels for listening to this right here.

Side A (download)
Side B (download)


Eric Nord said...

So is this mixed by Wiggles??

Crazy ill mixtape right here.

Anonymous said...

Goog gawd!

Your discription is mad accurate
this is hiphop be very afraid

I've heard a lot of breakmixes but this 1s get's the cake

thanks Pipo

spacecowboy said...

awesome mix !!! tracklist ?

Anonymous said...

Lifted from (without credit):