Miss Nasty - Mixed by Digumsmak

What makes me a bigger douche bag, watching the ESPN special on Lebron James, or watching tonight's episode of Bethenny Getting Married? I completely understand if all of you never return to this blog. Original post below.

I know we are all "hip hop" here, but if you don't have a little room for some Janet in your life, then you have a little too much testosterone in your body. So let your guard down a little, press play, and let your inner R&B come out. Admit it, back in the day when Tribe, De la, and all the rest were dominating the scene, this is what you were really listening to. Props to my man Digumsmak for letting em hang on this one.

Miss Nasty - Mixed by Digumsmak (download)


RLFM said...

are the shirts back in stock? also, can i hope for tasters choice this week? and thanks for posting another mix that digusmak murdered

RLFM said...

tasters choice 6** and sorry to keep asking, but if its anything like the other 6 is probably worther the bothering

pipomixes said...


I think I got a little confused, I looked through all of my mixes and was not able to locate TC6. I think my man OmegaNYC may have a copy. I emphasize "may". If I get my hand on a copy, you'll be the first to know