DJ Premier Fat Beats Send Off Performance


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see some actually vinyl get cut up on this historic record store's "Send Off". watching DJs select songs on a computer is lame. top notch DJs become boring on serato. less inspired, less creative, less energy. serato killed fat beats.

Eric Nord said...

The "Serato" debate is over. But I agree it was odd to see a non-vinyl set. And I find it odd how Fat Beats people seem to think we should treat Fat Beats, not as a store where we buy things, but rather as a cultural organization where we "support".

When Fat Beats was actually the "last stop", I bought crazy amounts of records. But most new hip hop isn't worth buying and it's cheaper/easier to get it online. I loved Fat Beats as much as anyone, but I primarily went there because it was the ONLY option to get the wax. I didn't give them money because I thought they were cool people. Duh.

As sad as I am about the closings, the sense of entitlement is a bit unrealistic.