I Want to See Your Studio Setup!

Most of you who frequent this blog are deejays and producers. As many of you know, I find quite a bit of inspiration from seeing the bedroom studios of professionals and amateurs alike. So I encourage all of you to submit videos/pictures of your studio to be shared on this blog so that our little community here can find inspiration from your corner of creativity and refuge. Feel free to provide any personal information about you that you feel comfortable sharing (where you live, sources of inspiration, favorite deejays/producers, favorite albums, etc...). Send your video links/pictures to pipomixes@yahoo.com. I am even going to give a little prize to the most inspiring home studio (a mix from pipo's secret stash, free t-shirt, or something along those lines)

The video below gives you a quick glimpse of my home studio setup in my new place. It's not completely finished, but it's finished enough to show a quick glimpse. Also, before you all start complaining about the thinness of my record collection, keep in mind that half of my collection is still at my parent's house from when my old studio was restructured.


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Is that a SP 404 I see? I just bought a SP 505 for $160 and I still have my SP 202.

pipomixes said...

Yes, it is a 404. Selling my 505 years ago is still one of my great regrets. I just didn't know how to use it at the time

Anonymous said...

Pipo! you must live in a diffrent time zone because it is 12:30 here and i cannot wait for this mix to release!