Roy Ayers - Mixed by DJ Flash Gordon Parks

Description of mix below.

Roy Ayers can be compared to no one. Ayers is his own type of vibration. If you’ve ever heard him and really listened then you know, but if you haven’t, let me tell you how it’s so. As a listener one must meet Ayers at his level which can sometimes be meditatively mellow jazz or intensely funky disco. More than just an empty eargasm, it’s the kind of music that stays the night for the rest of your life, holds your hand through tough times and incites you to grow. One can sense from Ayers that his music comes from an overflow of good vibrations he’s allowed to let show and share with the world. Thank you, Roy Ayers, for so many musical pearls!

Roy Ayers Tracklist

1. We Live In Brooklyn
2. Pretty Brown Skin
3. Red Black & Green
4. Giving Love
5. Show Us A Feeling
6. Everytime I See You
7. Love Fantasy
8. The Boogie Back
9. Life Is Just A Moment Part 1
10. Running Away
11. Heat Of The Beat
12. Don’t Stop That Feeling
13. Fire Up The Funk
14. I Wanna Feel It (I Wanna Dance)
15. Everybody
16. Searching
17. Ooh
18. Slow Motion
19. Love Is Love
20. Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Roy Ayers - Mixed by DJ Flash Gordon Parks (rt. click, "save link as" to download)

Via Eric Nord

Courtesy Planet Peace UV Mine

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