Music from the 60's & 70's Volume 2 - Mixed by Alphabethead

My man Alphabethead delivers another gem of a mix filled with 60's and 70's era psychedelic rock. Below is Alphabethead's description of the mix.

Here is another of 1960’s and 70’s music mix – all assembled from vinyl. Once again it’s mostly pop and psych although this time a little more hard rocking due to the inclusion of Led Zeppelin, Lighthouse, Hendrix and May Blitz, an absolutely monstrous band on Vertigo records. I also made sure I included some Kiwi groups from the era; The Underdog Blues Band, Human Instinct and The Fourmyula’s quintessential Sixties tune ‘Nature’ all make an appearance. Other tracks of interest are The Beach Boys lesser known ‘Feel Flows’ which is in my opinion their most psychedelic tune and Spirit’s ‘The Other Song’ which Gonjasufi used as a rhythmic canvas last year. It’s mixed in a Hip Hop style with scratches, drum-breaks and cut-up sample segues! Please give it a spin – I hope you enjoy.

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