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I just recently discovered this blog of Questlove telling all sorts of celebrity stories.  I challenge any of you to spend less than an hour reading all of these stories.  Below is a sample of a Questlove encounter with 2pac in early 96.

pac and suge came by the house of blues to the 4/1/96 show the roots/fugees/goodie mob did.
that night was surreal
the fugees record kept skipping much to my delight cause i wanted the entire audience to know that we didn't need to play on top of a record to sound banging.--
all their records skipped in front of a celeb packed audience. this was the night the soulquarians were born. i met both d and erykah the same day.
it wasn't beef......just rivalry on some band to band shit.
best believe that night i was sangin
"let's get craaaaaaazay.....lets gett nuuuuuuuuuuuuuts hahahahahahaaaa" (you must know the movie purple rain to get this reference)
anyways....          that night. warren betty came with flowers in tow to convince lauryn to take the role halle berry took in that political film of his (forget the title)
well....i went in the foundation room with kamal and some jawns was rapping to us when suddenly
pac and suge walked in like this was an old western.---remember how that piano player shut his piano when rae dawn chong hit oprah's character in the face on color purple?--man it felt like that.
we saw suge whisper something to deon sanders and whatever it was, neon deon's whole demeanor was like *whimpers* he left INSTANTLY .
kamal was like " see how he bitched out deon?,,,,,,yo imma say whussup!"
i told him NO!!!! he was like "pssh fuck dat....pac is my nigga!"
i watched kamal go over to say hi through the reflection of a knife as a rear view (you know how they use mirrors in jail?) "he held his arm out and then........they gave him love back! whew!.....---
that whole weekend there was drama cause the bad boy/death row shit was about to be in full swing.
i followed mal and got love too. pac said he fucked with riq hard and said he wanted to work with us....i held him to that and in august i asked for a quote for illadelph halflife and he was more than happy to provide it. 

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