4-Track Mix - Mixed by DJ Chase One

Ahh, the days of the old 4-track. Call me stupid, but I never quite figured out that damn 4-track. As I'm sure you've all noticed with my mixes, I love the sound of a 4-tracked mix (thank you J.Rocc). However, I was never able to figure out the whole 4-track thing until the Cool Edits of the world became industry standard. In any event, below is Chase One's description of the mix. Highly Recommended.
I was going through some boxes a while ago and found my old Tascam 4-Track Cassette Recorder, so I dusted it off and decided to make an old breaks/ original sampled artists mix. This mix was made with one turntable, one mixer, one tascam 4-track and one korg kaoss pad II ( for some echoes and shit). I think I recorded this late 2008 or early 2009?

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I still have use my Tascam 4 track too. Since my DVS is on my windows partition I record everything on to my 4 track and then rerecord that into my linux system using gnome sound recorder. The 4 track has be the greatest inventions of all time. It's rare a producer under 30 years old didn't use 4 track to learn to produce. It's one piece of tech that will never get old.